Twana Lawler

Freelance Biography Writer & Screenwriter

Location:Louisville, Kentucky, United States
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Twana Lawler

Twana is a poet, author, playwright and screenwriter. She is a team player who works well alone or with others. Twana’s turnaround time is quick and proficient. Twana is a very creative person who can take a small idea and turn it into a great idea. She is also seeking an establishment which she can have a long time creative relationship with.
Interviewed Christian Singer, STERLENA for The Gospel Zone magazine (2002)
Head Writer for “Glory TV Magazine” (2003)
Had several articles featured in on-line magazines (2003)
Speaker at various women and youth groups (2003)
Wrote and directed plays for youth programs (2003)
Collaborated on a TV Sitcom for public access television in NYC (2004)
Co-wrote “Forgotten Men” with Victor Rosa (2006)
Wrote short script “A Dream Deferred” for actor/model Spencer Longmore (2007)
Wrote “Keeping up with the Jones (Romantic Comedy) (2007)
Placed third in Gospel Playwright Competition (2007)
Placed third in Los Angles International screenwriting contest (2009)
Script Editor for an internet soap opera “The Armant’s” (2007)
Wrote two R&B Songs for Independent singer Hevenli (2007)
Writer for “We Got the Love” A family musical for Littérateur Publications to be filmed in summer 2011 (2007)
Wrote “Black Woman’s Guide to Finding a Husband” for Nu-Lite Entertainment (2007)
Wrote “College Life” TV Pilot for a cast member of BET’s College Hill Intern (2008)
Lyric writer for Positive Records (2009)

Invented characters for children’s book which is about a rain colored horse who takes children on a leaning voyage. His name is Duber the rainbow color horse.
Author and creator of The Kastle Hill Gang. A children’s book that embark on social issues with help of six multicultural teens who are called the Kastle Gang.
Wrote “Love Happened by Chance.” a stage play 2013.

Wrote “Who Did I Marry?” starring Tommy Ford from the show “Martin” and Terri Vaughn who was in “House of Payne” and many movies. These both are selling in places such as Amazon, Netflix and Wal-Mart

Author of “MY LIFE” (From Tragedy to Destiny) a true story
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