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Andi Rowe

Freelance Portrait Painter & Animal Illustrator

Location:Norwich, Norfolk, United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 1603 739099
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I am a British artist and have commissioned work hanging with private collectors in countries as varied as the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Australia and the UK. I have developed my own unique style over the last thirty years and, having combined this with my traditional training, produce work that is both modern and of the highest standard. Having travelled to all five continents of the world over the last twenty four years, I have drawn from my many experiences translating my lengthy sojourn into both the styles used and my use of colour.

My work has taken influence from across the globe. I have enjoyed creating work with street artists in Costa Rica, Fiji and Samoa and have inherited a sense of the immutable nature of art and the profound effect it can have on the viewer. In addition, my travels have allowed me to study the art techniques employed by the native peoples of northern, central and south America as well as those used by both Aboriginal and African peoples. My formal training, under the tutelage of Diane Branscombe RA, was an intensive exploration of the fine art techniques used by the old Dutch masters.

Developing my style over years of artistic exploration, I have also taken inspiration from the Cubist, Expressionist and Impressionist movements of the late 1800’s and early 1900’s as well as from artists such as Vermeer, Matisse & Pollack. My work has evolved over my years of travel and through my in depth examination of the differing painting techniques employed by the many painting ‘groups’ such as the old Dutch masters and Impressionists. The majority of my work now displaying my bold brush stroke style coupled with the complex interplay of light and dark across the subject in my achromatic and monochromatic approach.

Take your time reviewing my work and I hope that you enjoy it- Andi