Jenna Baalam

Freelance Artist & Mural Painter

Location:Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
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I am a freelance artist , mostly skilled in abstract art . I am based and located in central Alberta . I am 24 years old .

I try to be creative in everything I do , in my style , in my art , in my life , in finding solutions to problems . I find it is my best trait because I can be utilized it in many different ways . I am a young free spirit , trying to make it in the art industry.

I take items that are not useful and make them useful , that are not beautiful and make them beautiful. Kind of a reduce reuse recycle modo to it . If you by a dressor that I refurbish instead of buying a new one, its helping our economy, by buying local and reducing the purchasing of mass produced items.

My store will be filled with many different items I have created, mostly one of a kind items . And the walls filled with local artists paintings. My big goal for the store is a lot like the modo of "Art Battle" I want to have a very low commission rate for the artist so they can have more of a chance to make money off of their art.

There is a quote about music you can sing a song to thousands of people and they will sing back for a thousand different reasons . Such is the same with art , you can create something for one reason and everybody will see something different in it ,

I recently competed in an art battle competition. I won first place in a cooking competition in school .I recently raised 500.00 for a fundraiser we had a The Vat in the silent Auction ,with my art pieces. I am currently working on making into print form.. And hoping to have my store open within the next 12 months.
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Mural Painting