Seth Sikma

Freelance Tattoo Designer & Graphic Novel Artist

Location:Listowel, Ontario, Canada
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Seth Daniel Sikma
440 Clayton St. E
Listowel ON, N4W2G5

Twitter: Voc4bula

Home Schooled until Gr. 61/2
Fine Art Classes near Listowel Ont. as a boy of 8yrs old.
Art Classes up until Graduation of Gr 12. Studied under Mr. Niescier and Mr.Scales
Hamilton Art Classes
Self Taught, Sat in classes until age 23

2005 Spaghetti Dinner, LEMC, Listowel, ON
2007 Wolf Tattoos, Art Showing, Guelph, ON
2009 Loco Ink Pusher, Art Showing, Listowel, ON
2009 Christin Dennis Fine Art Gallery, Listowel, ON
2010 Christin Dennis Fine Art Gallery, Listowel, ON
2010 Loco Ink Pusher, Art Showing, Listowel, ON
2012 "A Place In Between Time", Home Show, Kitchener ON in June, July and August
2012 "Oddities and Pshycedelia", Strange Utopia, Kitchener, ON
2012 "Broken Dreams", Pyrus Cage, Kitchener, ON
2013 "In Between Spaces" Opus Gallery, Kitchener, ON
2014 Summer Lights Festival, Live Painting in Kitchener ON
2015 Praise and Worship, Live Painting at the LEMC, Listowel ON
2012-15 Art Showing "Untitled", DNA Screen Printing, Kitchener ON

As a self Taught Artist I find you indulge in a lot more information as well as contemplating and thinking about everything. Sometimes working too hard on projects and not enough on studying always seems to be the case. While always trying to better myself as a human being and as much so as a Professional Artist, I enjoy every minute of studying as well as the down time in working hard.

It is a hard life style as sometimes your not always working on Art related projects because we all need to eat I have to sometimes find work elsewhere, like a factory or some part time work to get by. If I didn't paint I feel I would go crazy as its so much a part of me. I also find working on stuff and planning for the future quite enjoyable but sometimes overwhelming as I never know if I'm doing the right thing as it doesn't always pay for my needs.
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Tattoo Design
Graphic Novel Art