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Location:Burnley, Victoria, Australia
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My Passion is my life and my work! : (it's really all one and the same)
I am an avid Researcher/ Writer and have been for at least the past 2o years.
I am currently launching a business : working on a Community Project/ developing A Social Enterprise Initiative ;
An Invention : A Safety Device Product. business name : Viper seven.
In my spare time you will ALWAYS find me either Researching/ Reading/ Writing/ Editing more than likely all four at the same time :)
I find ALL areas of learning/ study of GREAT interest.
Certificate III Child Psychology.
Certificate III in Small Business Management/ Accounting.
Monash University : Short Writing Courses.
Certificate III Advanced First Aid/ Asthma Management
I have raised and am raising my amazing family, my two beautiful intelligent children who are now in their late teens and whom I am extremely proud of :)
I have written/co written/ worked on countless assignments over the years and have been very hands on with school work at both primary/ secondary school levels.
Bottom line! I absolutely LOVE and thoroughly ENJOY and have continued to enjoy immensely doing all of the above mentioned.
Even in my down time you will never find me without a book ( more recently my iPad ) in my hands wherever I go.
I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in many facets, especially that of reading/ writing/ researching/ editing and enjoy it so much in fact that I've now signed up here in order to hopefully be of assistance to many other people where my skills may be needed.
I have gained skills in numerous variations of job descriptions also over the years and I am more than happy to discuss these further should anyone have any questions or where it may be necessary.
Now without further ado... i just cannot wait to get started!
Thank you for reading!!
Sincerely diamondss :)
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