Priscilla Ramirez Jacobs

Freelance Translator & Medical Translator

Location:Denver, Colorado, United States
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4961 South Beeler Street
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
(303)770-4627; Fax: (303)741-4416

Excellent oral and written communication skills in both English and Spanish

Expert in translation of medical terminology with 30 years of experience

Exceptional customer service skills and professional telephone manner

8/2005-PRESENT SPANISH INTERPRETER, The Children's Hospital, Denver
* Dependable, mature, effective bilingual and bicultural communicator.
* Team player with excellent command of Spanish and English languages, Spanish grammar and literature.
* Familiar with Spanish Latin American cultures by living abroad in Spain and as native of Mexico.
* Analytical and versatile thinker; effective in carrying out ideas and projects.
* Translator of health literature and brochures, legal documents, business correspondence, and project proposals.
* Coordinator at business and health meetings, cultural programs, and symposiums.

* Interpret clinical office and home visits for Spanish-speaking patients at Jefferson County Department of Health regarding services rendered, benefit coverage, hospital services, referral and emergency claim services.
* Translate brochures and documents into Spanish and proofread translations by others for correct usage.
* Advise on translation policies as member of the Colorado Department of Health Translation Committee.
* Promote services for Spanish speaking community Board Member of Central Visitation Program.

1988-1992 LEGAL TRANSLATOR, Torrejón Air Base Law Center, Madrid, Spain
Translated legal documents for the U.S. Air Force Command regarding correspondence with the Spanish Ministry of Defense; Spanish Courts; Spanish national, state, and local government officials, and Spanish attorneys.

1987-1988 EXTRACURRICULAR SPANISH TEACHER, Sagebrush Elementary School, Aurora.
Introduced Spanish by creating interactive activities such as playing games, singing songs, and making crafts.

1986-1987 HEALTH TRANSLATOR, Colorado Department of Health, Denver.
Developed and translated documents, questionnaires, charts, and surveys from English to Spanish to meet state health objectives for the Hispanic community. Commended by health officials, physicians, allied health professionals, and health educators for excellence of work.

1985-1986 DIRECTOR, LATIN AMERICAN SECTION, International Health Systems, Denver.

Adapted and translated marketing brochures, manuals, annual reports, financial reports, application forms, questionnaires, billing statements, and other documents from English to Spanish and Spanish to English for corporation conducting business throughout Latin America.

1983-1985 FAMILY PLANNING PROJECT COORDINATOR, Colorado Department of Health.

Taught farm workers about family planning and other health concerns, interviewed and surveyed migrant farm workers regarding their health needs, compiled results in a report to the Colorado Legislature, and co-authored migrant health publication with funding from a foundation grant.

1972-1980 PERSONNEL DIRECTOR, Social Security Medical Center, Guadalajara, Mexico.

Taught management courses to physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals. Authored manuals and monthly newsletter distributed throughout state of Jalisco, Mexico.

* Bachelor in Business Administration, Autonomous University of Guadalajara, 1973.
* Master of Science in Health Administration, University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, 1983.
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Medical Translation