LaJeune Brown

Freelance 3D Graphic Designer & Ad Designer

Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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My name is Jeune B. Sharp. I have been a performing vocalist and musician starting at age 12. I sing, play sax, flute, keyboard - primary instrument is keyboard flute and vocals. Music genras include jazz, pop, soul, reggae, and neo-soul. I especially love latin-jazz and funk. I also read and write music.

I have access to a full-service recording studio called Digi-World Entertainment. I have worked with many local recording artists and musician in Chicago, Las Vegas, Atlanta, and Louisianalike.

I perform with a few local bands so I also have access to some of the most dynamic players (all instruments) in Las Vegas.

I have also work in the advertising field for over 15 years. Currently I work for an internet advertising agency in sales. I have been promoted many times here but I miss doing the creative work. It is my passion. I am a workaholic in most people's eyes. If I don't know how to do something, I get on my computer and research the subject and learn how to do it. Now I know how to sell, promote, and create. I do graphic design and video editing. Also I have found that video presentations are very big business in Las Vegas. I would really love an opportunity to use my creative skills as a freelancer.
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3D Graphic Design
Ad Design