Prathamesh Manik Shinde

Freelance CAD Freelancer & Mechanical Engineer

Location:Granada Hills, California, United States
2 Skills
To survive in today's highly competitive environment, one has to relate himself to technological advancement and innovations. One cannot alienate himself from being involved in these modern developments. One has to gain knowledge of the latest technologies and innovations if one to master any field. I am fascinated by the world of technology, which tests our knowledge and skills. Technological developments have quickened the pace of life. My inquisitive nature coupled with a strong desire to build a career wherein my intellectual and analytical abilities can be utilized to the maximum, has led to my decision of pursuing a career in the ever growing Mechanical Engineering field.

Skills & Expertise
1. Product Design & Development 6. G- code: V carve Pro & Inventor (CAM)
2. Expert 3D modeling skills (SolidWorks) 7. Prototyping Experience
3. Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) 8. Material Science Knowledge
4. Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 5.Water Jet operation, Flow path
9. Hands on Milling & CNC 10. Hand Drafting & sketching

Professional Experience
Prototyping and Design Consultant - May 2013 – Present.
Help to build complete working prototype, Design 3D model, run FEA, Suggest material and machining process, Create BOM, Create patent drawings, apply GD&T, Help to file patent, ect.
The Academic Advantage, Los Angeles January 2011 – May 2013 (2 years 5 months)
Mathematics Tutor
• Pramash skateboard trucks, (
I designed and invented unique skateboard trucks (steering assembly) which gives experience as snowboarding and surfing. Patent has been filed and it’s pending (US61822711). During this project I gain work experience on Milling, CNC & Water Jet machines. And also learned G-code, Inventor, V carve, Flow path. So far four prototypes has been built and tested. Before building actual prototype the FEA were done in SolidWorks and GD&T knowledge was used to create drawings.
• Advanced Submarine Window Design
The project included building prototype of advanced Submarine Window in SolidWorks. Concept-to-Design development of the Advanced Submarine Window was done in SolidWorks. Drafting/Designing of the conceptual design and CAD analysis was done during this project
• Bicycle Steering Design Analysis
This project was done to create Bicycle Steering for CSUN Human Powered Vehicle 2014. The project included the analysis of the structure of steering and its component in SolidWorks. FEA, Stress analysis, Fatigue analysis, Thermal analysis, Frequency, and Vibration Analysis were done in Solidworks.
• Hydraulic Hybrid Bicycle
This project was done for CSUN Human Power Vehicle team 2013. We tried to build hybrid system where we tried to store energy in compressed air while decelerate and use that stored energy to accelerate. In this project knowledge of thermodynamics and Fluid mechanics was used.

Multi-Pivoting Skateboard, United States 61822711, Filed May 13, 2013.

California State University-Northridge - Bachelor's degree, Mechanical Engineering
University of Mumbai – Engineering Diploma in Mechanical engineering

Academic Courses
GD&T, Machine design, Mechanical Engineering design (CAD) SolidWorks, Application of Materials Science ,Fluid Mechanics ,Thermodynamics ,Design Polymers ,Heat Transfer ,Engineering Economy Analysis ,Strength of material ,System Dynamics, Mechatronics.
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Mechanical Engineering