Rebecca Gowdy

Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Location:Virginia, United States
2 Skills
I love to create stories in art–a single image can hold a world in it. I am a designer that loves to tell stories. I am currently a freelancer. In my free time, I am working on writing stories and creating my own graphic novels.

Trained as a Graphic Designer, I think in images. However, since I was a child I have always made stories in my head, and I wanted to be an animator so I could bring them to life.

Since the dream of animation dimmed I found comic books, and my love of image and words started from a simple little page of massacred art and story. After a "infancy" of writing in high school with my cousin, I developed my "one world" where I like to play and it became my starting line for all my other story ideas.

Because I prefer to draw, my development into the art of words has required long but enjoyable study. I also enjoy rides with my pony, Jiggs and his friends, playing video games with interesting plots, and exploring what I can of historical sites and art for their culture and aesthetics.
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Graphic Design