Tinatin Vachnadze

Freelance Fashion Illustrator & Portrait Painter

Location:Montclair, New Jersey, United States
2 Skills
I was born in Tbilisi, Georgia into a family of artists. She received her Masters in Fine Arts and Fashion Design in 1995 and currently reside in New Jersey. My work has been featured in numerous private collections and exhibitions.

"Having grown up in a family of artists and musicians, art has always been the window through which I interpret and understand the world. I communicate through my work and share my emotions, sorrows, tears, joy and love with my audience. My art is highly influenced by my formal education as a painter, as well as my background as a fashion designer, as a result of which stylization and color selection are very important in my work. My strong academic background gives me the ability to work in many different styles, ranging from realism to abstract, although all my work always has a unique signature which unites all my pieces. It is my main desire and goal to provide maximum esthetic pleasure to my audience and to touch the soul with human emotions familiar to all."