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Location:Newark, Delaware, United States
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2005 – 2012 Picatiny Arsenal, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Edgewood Arsenal - Taught Communications Skills, Technical Writing, Business Communications, and Business Writing to civilians working on military basis. Developed curriculum used in the above training sessions. Contracted by Lassaune Institute.
1997 – 2004 Scentsations, Inc. – Wrote sales training and operations procedures for this retail outlet. Cash handling, credit card processing, merchandizing, sales techniques, purchasing procedures were included. Taught above mentioned topics to employees. Contracted by Scentsations, Inc.
1993-1996 Entity Service Corporation – Prepared sales presentations and marketing materials for new product lines. Contracted by CSC, Inc.
1991-1992 Johnson & Johnson – Wrote mix SOP’s for tertiary chemicals that would eventually be combined with other secondary and/or primary chemical in the manufacture of medications. Contracted by TWI, Inc.
1991 Sodexho-Marriott – Wrote four hotel custodial manuals over a 6 month period. Contracted by TWI, Inc.
1987 – 1990 Amtrak – Wrote all manuals related to converting engines from DC power to AC power including all color photography. Over 30 individual manuals were produced during a 3 year period that included electrical systems, braking systems, power delivery systems, instrumentation, assembly and disassembly. Contracted by TWI, Inc.
1986–Edison Institute - Delivered a one-hour talk to power company CEO’s on the need for quality documentation. Specifications, Standards, and SOP’s were covered. Contracted by Manuals Corporation of America.
1982-1985 - Michigan Power – Audited and re-wrote all existing Environmental procedures. Over 200 procedures were re-written over a 3 year period. All procedures were simplified using Playscript and Margin Cap formats using Microsoft Publishing programs. Contracted by Manuals Corporation of America.
1980 – 1982 Southeast National Bank – Wrote all manuals related to maintenance and operation of ATM systems. Installation, operation, and training procedures were included. Contracted by Manuals Corporation of America.
1978 -1980 Farmers Bank of Delaware – Wrote operations manuals related to consumer loan and mortgage loan conversion programs from manual to automated systems. Contracted by Manuals Corporation of America.
1976-1978 All American Engineering –Wrote procedures covering installation, operation, and maintenance of catapult and arresting gear systems for the West German Air Force. Contracted by All American Engineering.
1970-1976 Thiokol Corporation, Elkton, MD – Wrote all specifications for retro rockets used in Apollo Program. Over 500 standard operating procedures and specifications were included that covered chemical analysis, production, assembly, and quality control testing. Also was a member of a Change Control Board comprised of personnel from Thiokol, Lockheed, and the U.S. Navy.
1967 – 1970 U.S. Navy – Wrote the manual for Radiological Control Monitoring used on Subase Pearl Harbor . The manual was used to teach a six week program to personnel assigned to the base. The program covered safety and handling techniques, monitoring procedures, clean-up procedures and radioactive waste storage of effluent taken off submarines during reactor start-ups.
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