Rosalind Greenberg

Freelance Article Writer & Grant Writer

Location:United States
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I have worked in For Profits and Non-Profit organizations for over 20 years. I have watched businesses struggle due to lack of funding. I wanted the clients and the businesses to succeed. I then became very interested in Grant Research and Grant Writing. I have been successful in bringing businesses several million dollars of additional funding. I am able to research and complete grants quickly. It can take between 2-6 months to receive grant funding.

I have secured funding for a variety of different businesses through Foundation grants and city, state and federal grants. I am a strong researcher/writer and have developed relationships and linkages with different Foundations, agencies and grant giving organizations to help businesses succeed in developing and maintaining the programs they are trying to implement in the United States and other countries. I work hard and fast to obtain funding for businesses, and I don't stop till I am successful in obtaining the funding. I am currently helping a variety of organizations secure funding for their needs, including: start up funding for a gym, start up funding for an art gallery, funding for a Faith Based site, extensive building repairs for a historic site, developing a Head Start program, a UPK Program, developing security for community programs, a Special Needs Charter school, a research grant for Substance Abuse and Mental Illness, a program for At-Risk-Youth and trainings to strengthen the community in regards to health risks. In addition, I am assisting a financial institution secure funding for online credit counseling and budget trainings, a school in obtaining Homeland Security funding, another school in obtaining funding for building repairs and operational costs and an organization in securing funding for homeless and low-income Veterans. In addition, I have successfully written grants for start up businesses, schools, foundations, the Office of Mental Health, the New York State Education Department, the Department of Mental Health and the Office of Persons with Developmental Disabilities, The grants were for developing financing for businesses, developing housing for individuals needing specialized medical care, day programs, drama and art programs, summer camp programs, obtaining therapeutic services in schools, recreation programs, vocational training and employment initiatives. As well as additional programmatic needs such as, food, furniture, office supplies, activity supplies, vans, trainings and technological aids. The grants awarded helped For Profit Businesses, Non-Profit Organizations, business owners, and individuals and their families dealing with complex life and health challenges.
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