Jess Bowman

Freelance Comedy Writer & Report Writer

Location:Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States
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I was programmed by the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities to write immaculate research papers. I'd say that it certainty helped and hurt me with my writing abilities because when I took creative writing during my last semester, I'll admit that I struggled quite a bit. I wrote short stories in the form of stereo instructions. Being a sociology major, I had lost my creative niche and based everything off facts. Indeed, it was nice to be able to spout out facts at social functions and my research papers inevitably rocked, but people were more interested in my presentation.
I was the funny guy. I could turn the dullest and most tragic situations into light hearted hilarity and it was first brought to my attention by a friend reading my blog. This blog was my amusing outlet from the pressures of college. I had once gone into sheer detail in regards to how it finally dawned on me that I was going to inevitably fail my psych 101 exam. I wish I still had access to such blog, but it eventually disappeared due to inactivity.
After graduation, I took a class in comedy. I went with the hopes of doing stand up one day but I also loved to write. I can express hilarity through my words and actions. If anyone would give me an idea, I can take it and run with it. Time is of essence and I don't need very much of it.
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