Ethan Stubbs

Freelance 3D Animator & 3D Graphic Designer

Location:United Kingdom
2 Skills
My name is Ethan Stubbs and I am an artist, in the realms of 2D (both traditional and digital) and 3D, I have a love and respect for art and have loved drawing since I was about 6 and twenty-odd years later I am still going

I generally like to do my 2D work starting with the line art using pencil and paper and digitally clean it up and colour
my 3D work usually starts with a rough sketch before moving into 3D

I am a 2013 graduate from the University of Huddersfield in Video Game Design

I am proficient in 3Ds Max, Zbrush, Adobe Photoshop and Flash, also I am starting to get the hang of Adobe Illustrator and Maya
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3D Animation
3D Graphic Design