Billie Cochell

Freelance Editor & Journalistic Writer

Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Phone: 6014811348
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I have a knack for writing. I always have. I learned at an early age reading was the key to imagination, for me anyways.I can be snarky, funny, informational, easy to understand, and resourceful.I love to write, to create, to educate, and to inspire. My lifelong dream has been to write. I automatically, and naturally, proof read everything I come across. It's fun, it's relaxing, it's cathartic, and it allows me to use my imagination. Both my B.S. and MBA degreeā€™s required extensive research papers and the ability to express information in laymens terms. I have a personal blog where I write about Borderline Personality Disorder for the purpose of education and understanding to the general public.
Writing is not my only talent, not by a long shot. My experience in Bookkeeping goes back to my teens. I am fabulous with data entry both numeric and alphanumberic. I also have extensive experience with Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payables. I also have been working as a Verizon Tech Coach the past nine months. I love this job due to the fact that I learn something new everyday and I get to help people with something that frustrates them. I have experience creating Flyers and Newsletters as well. I would love to create a monthly Newsletter for you!
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Journalistic Writing