Jay Smith

Freelance Illustrator & Technical Illustrator

Location:Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
Phone: 414-425-1443
Website: http://www.workbook.com/portfolios/jay_smith
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A Drive For Learning
I was pretty much the average kid doing normal kid things but some activities I found to be particularly captivating were drawing, building and creating. I would often take things apart to see how they worked. Sometimes putting them back together ended in a less than satisfactory function of the original design of the item at hand, usually a toy of some kind. Sometimes small household appliances would be "sacrificed"-let's say, my parents were not very pleased! Although being understandably disappointed in the out come of my explorations at times, I grew to realize that I often learned as much or more from failures than most of my successes. In retrospect, while writing this summary I have found I still have that curiosity that drives me to learn, experiment and figure out how things work with a need to succeed.

Creative Passion
When I was 7 years old I discovered I had a passion for creating art. I found that creating art stirred up an energy in me that could only be satiated by creating more art. I found myself buried in paper, pencils and any other media I could get my hands on just to put on paper what was in my head or in front of me. I was so enthralled by drawing that one day, you could say it was an epiphany for me, I declared to anyone that would listen that I was going to be an artist when I grew up! It was life changing!

Graphic Artist
I have been a professional Graphic Artist/Illustrator/Designer for my entire adult life. I achieved an Associate Degree, launched and successfully ran a freelance business for over 20 years, worked in publishing for 11 plus years. Now I have a studio full of creative media, an office with a Mac, Adobe CS6 software, Corel Painter and a lifetime of skills and experiences to offer. I have a stronger desire, a greater passion now exponentially than when I was that seven year old kid on the floor with my pencils, scratch paper and Crayola Box of 64.

Let's be creative together!

• Excellent illustrative abilities.
• 15 plus years of illustration/graphic art experience.
• Proficient in traditional media - drawing, painting, and inking.
• Proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign CS6.
• Idea creator/executioner.
• Publication illustration, design, and page layout experience.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.