David M. McCombs

Freelance Album Designer & T-Shirt Designer

Location:Dayton, Ohio, United States
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Hi my name is David, I am the CEO and founder of a multitude of growing companies. Everyone who is involved in this beginning have there own, complementary company of there own, with all of there skills, triumphs and failures, all documented, for the world to see. T-Shirts, Drawings, sculpture's albums, mix cd's exhibits, merchandise, online shows, and much much more. Our aim is to set an example of what it means that every person has something that there meant for, and most people have more than one talent that they can showcase. We also agree that it is better to collaborate then to combat. Think about it if one person has a good Idea, why shouldn't that individual share that with the next, who can extend that idea to its next level, to propel the human race in it's self instead of holding it back. I myself am also a spiritual advisor, and teacher of self advancement. Helping everyone understand what life is all about, is what its all about. Knowledge should not be held secret, but should be given to everyone.
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Album Design
T-Shirt Design