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Ahmed Khan

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Location:Dundas, Ontario, Canada
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Ahmed Khan is a self proclaimed idealist who despite what anyone will tell you, is 'not' breaking down but breaking out! Breaking out of society's set ways, rules, norms and institutions that have shackled mankind for far too long to a life of soul crushing conformity and blind obedience leading many to chronic despair. But despair not my dear reader, for this stargazing visionary is constantly on the look out for superior ways of doing things by calling all societal conventions and collectively held beliefs into question. This aspiring writer writes everything from fiction to nonfiction, Carlin-esque type humorous pieces about how the world is going to hell in a hand basket to Hemingway type heart-wrenching stories about the young man who died alone down in the trenches in the pouring rain; all with the intention to not only entertain but to educate. The goal here is always to foster new ways of thinking that will potentially better humanity's predicament in this cruel but beautiful happenstance called life. All this hopeless dreamer asks of you the reader is to just for a moment let him make you see things not the way they are but the way they could be.