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Hi, I'm John Morris. I was born and raised in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, England, and I began painting at the age of 17.

The money that comes from Art from the heart helps continue the various charity and youth work that i do.
I also do sketches and photo paintings of anything you can dream of…So if you have a photo for me to work from I can sketch/paint and frame it for you! From: Babies, Children and Pets, to Grandma, Granddad and even personal portraits. So if you would like to have something personal to you and unique then just give me a shout.

in 2014 online Art classes became available available.

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This section below details brief history of John's career to date

Founder of John Morris art from the 2008
610 pieces of sold art in 2013
A tour of the USA in 2013 promoting books, paintings, music, and guest preaching June-July 2013
A photo tour of Ireland in Sep 2013
Illustrator of Ten books in the USA
St Nicholas Youth worker
Public speaker, musician, and preacher
Business promoter for colour range, Active Sports and the Natural Bodybuilding association 2008-2010
Studied business and public communication at Kirklees college 2007-2008

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Below is just some of the wonderful milestones in John's artist career that he would like to share with you.

Paintings hung in the Bean scene in Ayr 2014
Paintings hung in the Carnegie library in Ayr 2013
Paintings displayed in the off the wall gallery in Ayr 2013
Art from the heart goes international in June 2013
Became the first international client for the umbrella syndicate in 2013
Learned new animal painting technique’s which bring the animals to life 2013
Paintings hung in Annie’s art gallery in Maryland 2013
Switches from oil paint to acrylic paint - August 2013 (became in favour of quick drying technique’s.)
Illustrated several books in the USA 2013Fly Away
Founded art from the heart in 2008
John lives in Ayr Scotland, and Currently still enjoys operating art from the heart from his rented home.
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