Shahid Azhar

Freelance Material Engineer & Annual Report Writer

Location:Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills
Shahid Azhar, Ph.D.
Mississauga, Canada

Project Management ¦ Data Collection & Assessment ¦Quantitative Analysis ¦ Research & Analysis ¦Report Writing ¦Advanced Materials Development


Chief leadership and direction of the R&D Centre, managing administrative policies, practices, training, standards and long-term planning for technical symposia and conferences. Supervised, mentored, and led a team of 9 Ph.D’s and over 40-50 resources. Seamlessly partnered with internal/external research organizations to foster lucrative, brand-developing business opportunities. Negotiated business deals, signing-off MOU’s and research contracts. Benchmarked and guided peers on research proposal development, project coordination, and follow-up on status’. Coordinated weekly Management meeting for addressing R&D issues. Authored and submitted progress reports for the Centre’s Funding Authority (Ministry of Higher Education).

Tracked and ensured the efficient administration of research, including communication of funding opportunities through a variety of means, supporting in the development of research funding applications. Meticulously resolved post-award administrative challenges by leveraging comprehensive knowledge and application of University and sponsor policies. Consistently demonstrated sound knowledge of University research-related and financial policies and procedures. Structured and devised the CEREM road map, strategic plan, work plan, as well as, marketing, QA, and annual and bi-annual technical progress reports. Wrote content for the website. Gathered, assessed and verified various sets of data; ensured information is secure and team members were on track and schedule.


University of Regina
Luigi Benedicenti
Professor, Software Systems Engineering

I have known Dr. Azhar since 2001, when the Faculty of Engineering hired him as a term lecturer to support the Software Systems Engineering program. I worked with him as Program Chair and was instrumental in assigning his teaching load until 2003. Dr. Azhar showed independence and creativity in his teaching assignments, aiming to defuse a potentially stressful situation for students as they were going through a newly incepted program. He was calm and respectful but assertive when needed, and students reacted positively to his style.
During his period at the University of Regina, he showed interest in participating in my research group. I invited him to work with me on mobile agents, and he accepted. He was able to start the work and prepare an internal research report just before he had to leave in 2003.
I have enjoyed working with Dr. Azhar: his pleasant style and positive attitude helped advance a newly formed program and prepared us for Accreditation. Students liked his approach and were productive under his lead.

Luigi Benedicenti
"November 29, 2014, Luigi managed Shahid at University of Regina"

Massey University, New-Zee Land
Dr Steve Kirk
Product Development Specialist

?I can highly recommend Dr Shahid Azhar for his skills in the areas or Marketing, Project Management, Research and Teaching. I have known Shahid since 2008 when we collaborated together on a research project to develop viscoelastic materials. Despite the distance between our physical locations (Shahid was based at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia and I was at Massey University in New Zealand), communications were always timely and professional. Shahid is a very personable character, a trait which comes across in all dealings with him, and he would be an asset to any forward thinking Company or University.

Dr Steve Kirk?
"December 14, 2014, Dr Steve was with another company when working with Shahid at Advanced Manufacturing Institute"