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John Ritter

Freelance Website Programmer & Website Architect

Location:United States
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John H. Ritter


Senior Web Developer Dealer Tire
Cleveland, OH

Responsible for managing, creating, and architecting ColdFusion library services to be interfaced through other applications using JQuery. The code is built to be compatible with MSSQL and ColdFusion Servers 8 to 11. Other responsibilities include writing test scripts utilized in MXUnit, and setting business practices, guidelines and procedures that are consistent with the current architecture, and integrating information into webpages using JQuery.

Programmer/Analyst IV NASA Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, Ohio

Creation and deployment of an agency-wide National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) web based application for the support of construction of facilities projects. The application was built with ColdFusion 8.0 on a modified Fusebox 5.0 Architecture with an Oracle Database back end. The application’s base was built with high flexibility, strong security verification and self administration. Additional responsibilities included travel to various NASA centers for training and demonstration of the application, continued enhancements to the application, testing, analysis/specification gathering, user management, and steering committee communications.

Senior Web Developer Dealer Tire
Cleveland, OH

Developer charged with maintaining consumer. Website was tightly integrated into all aspects of the business including data warehouse and ERP system. Integration development with Java object creation and usage in ColdFusion, WebMethods with ColdFusion via SOAP XML. Responsibilities have included management of data warehouse, maintenance and monitoring of XPI servers(webMethods), SQL development including DTS package transfers, stored procedures, and database creation, development with XML, XSL, ColdFusion, Java, MSSQL, VIS, WebMethods, and Flash. Projects have included conversion from Java ERP order and inventory availability on the web to WebMethods, communication and integrations with companies like Nissan, Audi, and Toyota, Advanced cataloging systems, web site securities, web site optimization and integrated monitoring systems, call tracking and customer business analysis tools, automated suggested ordering systems. Development in several architectural frameworks for ColdFusion including Fusebox 4.1, Mach II including OO style development with CFCs.

New Media Programmer Pfingsten Publishing, L.L.C.
Independence, OH

Conversions and integrations of new company acquisitions’ data and code into Pfingsten’s existing framework. Research and development with a large focus on usability and customer satisfaction. Creation and design of website using ColdFusion, Flash MX (remoting), HTML. Institution of the Fusebox framework with use of an OO architected structure with CFCs. Planning and designing of new projects both internal and outsourced. Evaluation of new software and system integration plans. Project planning, developing, testing, and deploying for assigned projects.

Programmer/Analyst NASA Glenn Research Center
Cleveland, Ohio

Planning and development of desktop delivery system on the intranet for supply management. This project was developed in the Fusebox framework and integrated into existing ERP system. Development of a historical database for NASA with an attached time line based website. Responsible for the full life cycle of developing business and non-business computer applications. Duties include customer interaction, specification gathering, application prototyping, application programming, testing, and maintenance of end product. Also responsible to assist with database design, test for 508 compliance and usability, and provide documentation for the entire product. Programming in ColdFusion in conjunction with the Fusebox methodology, Flash, MySQL, and MSSQL.

Web Specialist Grand Valley State University
Allendale, MI

Responsible for all department online applications in ColdFusion, Perl, Bash, PL/SQL, MSSQL, MS Access. Conception, implementation, and maintenance of applications. Total page responsibility of 14,000 pages. Notable projects include MSSQL to Oracle conversion, PERKS Plus health program to calculate exercise and diet into health benefit for employees, content management system for news sites and dining commons. Training and supervision of the staff of entry level developers. Presentation, training, and communication with clients. Researching and incorporating new developments in technology.


Grand Valley State University Central Michigan University
Allendale, Michigan Mt. Pleasant, Michigan
Bachelor of Science, 12/2001 Graphic Design 1993-1996
Computer Science