Ginny Fraser

Freelance Business Writer & Accountant

Location:Phoenix, Arizona, United States
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I started working at 15 as a cashier at Walmart. By the age of 17 I opened up a family owned Medical Equipment and supply store. I wrote all policies and procedures, employee handbooks, customer handbooks, Mission Statement, Business Plan and Proposal, etc. I also started billing and bookkeeping online through electronic billing software (EDI), and QuickBooks/intuit. I was responsible for tax records, tax payments, tax filing including year end tax filing and any accounting or Medical Billing discrepancies. I spent 14 years building this business until just recent I became a stay at home mom. I miss the beginning stages of building a business for in my eyes this is the most valuable time needed to show people what your company is about, what it stands for, and what you can offer that no other company in that industry can give the clientele. My experience is from the good old fashioned learning and if you make a mistake fix it and don't do it again, learning is an everyday thing you can't jump into anything whether you know it all or not because no one ever will know it all with everything in this world changing constantly you have to be prepared to continue educating yourself and stay on top of the new laws and economy in which you are providing for. I have access to hundreds of self help material to save money on continuing education, I am very savvy with researching online, communities (population, average income, average mortgage or rental property), other business within that field or partially in that field, news, people, all social media and much much more. I like to put all my time and effort in making a business what I would want to work with or what I would want to send my family or friends to. I also like to help grow a business to a point that it helps communities in creating more jobs for more people that need employment and employees like to be treated as you would want to be treated.
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