William D Pool

Freelance System Administrator & Unix Programmer

Location:Los Angeles, California, United States
2 Skills

I am a passionate and dedicated information technology engineer who has been working with all things Solaris/Linux/OpenSource since 1995. I enjoy discovering new tools and techniques in the field. My experience focuses on strong documentation, stability, performance, high-availability, optimization, migration, security, virtualization, and site architecture. I’m seeking a position that would utilize my skill-sets. I have a disability, so prefer flex-hours or telecommuting. Rock it.



SANS GIAC Security Essentials GOLD Certificate (GSEC)2001-2010
Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 8 System Administrator
Oracle Certified Professional, Oracle Solaris 10 System Administrator


Operating Systems:
Oracle Solaris 2.5-2.10, 5.11.1 (including SysV package building) Oracle Linux 6.x
Redhat Linux 7.i, ES3.0, ES4.0, 5.x, 6.x
CentOS Linux 3.x, 4.x, 5.x, 6.x
Mac OSX 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7

Programming Languages:
ksh, bash, php, sql, perl

Version Control:
svn, git

Configuration Management:
?Service Layer Applications:

Application Servers: JBoss, Tomcat, Resin

Databases: MySQL 4.x, 5.x, 6.x in single, slave, and bi-directional master-master setups,
PostgreSQL 7.3.x 8.x, Oracle 9i, 10g, 11gR2

Infrastructure: ISC DNS BIND, ZFS, rsync, mrepo, nmap, pca, dtrace, strace, jumpstart, kickstart

Mail: Postfix, Sendmail, SASL, ClamAV, SpamAssassin

Monitoring: BigBrother, HypericHQ, Nagios, Cacti, A.C.I.D Web-Servers: Apache 1.3.x, 2.x

Oracle VM3.x x86 Server
Solaris x86 Containers
Solaris SPARC Containers & LDOMs VMWare VSphere 5.5 VM support

Network: F5 BIG IP LTM-1600, LTM-3400, Palo Alto Firewall PA-500, Cisco PIX 501, Cisco Catalyst 29xx & 3750G switches, Checkpoint FW1 firewall
Oracle/Sun: SunFire V210, V240, V440, V480R, V880, V40z, X4100, X4150, X4500, X6220, Sun Enterprise E250, E450, E3000, E4000, E4500, E10K
Intel/AMD: Opteron, i386/x86, Dell 1850, 2650, 2850, 2950; HP DL360, DL380, DL580; Cisco UCS C460m4

NAS/SAN/Tape: NetApp Storage Filers 37xx, NEXSAN, IBM FastT storage, Sun T3 storage units, Sun StorageTek 3510 FC shelves, MTI DLT7000 Tape libraries

US Technical Services.
Systems Administrator
Huntington Beach, CA
Jan 2014 - present
One of three UNIX/Linux systems administrators supporting two client sites. Primary duties currently involve; documenting my projects heavily, providing LAMP application support, supporting AIX 6.5 with LPARs with Oracle 10g databases, CentOS/RedHat/ Oracle Linux 6 administration on bare-metal and on VMWare, Oracle 10g on AIX migration to Oracle Linux on OVM 3.3.x. I’ve also implemented mrepo for Linux patch
?management as also puppet 3 for configuration management.

The Secret Language LLC. North Hollywood, CA Contractor IT Engineer Dec 2011 - Jan 2014
My contract duties involved total absorption of the companies infrastructure. I presented the company with various migration options from their existing Linux VPS to a company managed rack in Century Link in Burbank. I provided on-site and remote work migrating the companies web-application from the Linux VPS shared-hosting provider to company managed hosted solution with high-availability and redundancy. I also maintained all infrastructure duties hosting the web-application. This involved presenting business cost analysis reports and various project related options to the company and starting the infrastructure design stage. After the design phase I physically implemented and maintained the network layer (switches/load-balancers), the UNIX virtual machines (Solaris 10 containers), the MySQL databases, the nagios monitoring solution, the cacti trending solution, the JIRA issue tracking, the company wiki, the subversion repository for developers, optimized the software stack on the Solaris OS, created internal DNS servers, and provided support for site related issues with performance. In these various projects I also maintained a clear and concise documentation source for all work done while providing routine backups.

JPL NASA Pasadena, CA Sr. Systems Administrator Nov 2008 - May 2012
One of two system engineers for the MGSS and MMO projects. I provided UNIX & Linux server support during NASA JUNO spacecraft launch. In addition, I architected a virtualized Apache website infrastructure running Solaris 10 Container virtual machines which was automated when new MGSS and MMO projects requested a new site for development, testing, and production branches. This also included any custom JPL specific software which was rolled out to each virtualized server upon creation. I documented all code and implementation strategies created or maintained by myself. I worked with web-site developers (PHP/Java) on resolving website performance issues, code development issues, and helped train them on various web- technologies as helped provided best practices on web-site development. I was also the resident MySQL DBA for the project that included setup of Bi-Directional Replication MySQL database servers. I also provided system administration on various Redhat / CentOS Linux web-servers.

Los Angeles Times latimes.com Los Angeles, CA Sr. Systems Engineer Jan 2008–Nov 2008
One of three engineers at Los Angeles Times. I collaborated with other engineering team
?members regarding the architecture and direction of Los Angeles UNIX (Solaris) and Linux system infrastructure. I worked towards streamlining processes, standards to build a solid scaleable system architecture. I provided heavy documentation on system, application, and development processes. I worked closely with web-application developers for resolving site performance issues, and I helped introduce new ways to improve the infrastructure.

ATT YELLOWPAGES.COM Glendale, CA Sr. UNIX Systems Administrator May 2007–Dec 2007
An integral member of a five administrator team overseeing the operation and availability of over 800 Linux and two dozen Solaris servers in a complex, multi-tier application stack consisting of both critical production, critical internal, and non-production systems across multiple managed hosting data centers and local server rooms. I also provided heavy documentation on system, application, and development processes. Performed the migration Oracle 9i on SPARC to Oracle 10G on Solaris SPARC & x86 systems. I provided application support for Mongrel/Rails/Ruby, Apache, and Tomcat.

Nations Info Corporation Westlake Village, CA Information Systems Architect January 2007 - May 2007
I was the companies primary systems architect. I migrated their Linux VPS managed server to a dedicated in-house UNIX server. I created virtual machines to reduce physical server costs, maintained their network/firewall, SMTP Postfix servers, created a redundant MySQL database, and provided PHP & JAVA web-application support.

SNAP.com Pasadena, CA Sr. UNIX Engineer November 2006–January 2007
I was one of two systems Administrator of 600 CentOS Linux machines using GigaBlast Search Engine software. I implemented a Sun Solaris 10 x86 ZFS NFS server, wrote custom scripts to perform various application specific tasks, and racked SuperMicro servers

Internet Brands El Segundo, CA Sr. UNIX Administrator September 2005–November 2006
I was one of three systems administrator of 400 servers consisting a mix of Sun Solaris 8-10 on SPARC and x86 hardware, CentOS 4.0 Linux, Redhat ES3.0-ES4.0 Linux, and S.u.S.E. 9.x Linux. I introduced Solaris containers into the development network to consolidate physical hardware limitations, and centralize administration of similar projects. I was the technical lead on the project to introduce an IDS (Intrusion Detection System) within the external network
?using snort with A.C.I.D web management interface to determine outside intruders. I architected the email virus and spam prevention project using Postfix, ClamAV, and Spam Assassin in a redundant server layout in front of the corporate Exchange server. The server filtered roughly between 80K-130K messages a day. The spam layout was broken by 15 domains all with different spam rule-sets. Performed the migration of RedHat Linux to Solaris 10 x86 to reduce the paid support cost of RedHat. I was a technical lead on integrating WikiTravel.org, realestateabc.com, vacationhomes.com from their previous properties to our in-house servers. I migrated a Solaris 2.6 E450 running Lawson Financials to a V240 running Solaris 10, and also the migration of Oracle 9i on SPARC to Oracle 10G on Solaris SPARC & x86 systems. In addition, I provided application support for PHP, Tomcat, and JBoss websites.

FlipMotion Pasadena, CA Sr. Network Architect February 2004–September 2005
I was the single IT engineer for the company. I provided heavy documentation on system, application, and development processes. I designed and implemented the companies infrastructure and managed development of the application. I was the systems administrator of Solaris x86 servers with various zones for development, QA, staging, and production. I migrated the previous application from MSQL to MySQL and then to PostgreSQL. In addition, I performed various DBA work from Database optimization to SQL query optimization. I implemented and maintained the security within the company with host based protection and as well as creating an IDS snort A.C.I.D server for external network analysis. I architected the companies PBX system using CentOS Linux and Astrix to develop a customer support help-line. I developed and maintained a company centralized package management system for the Solaris hosts. This involved building custom Solaris SysV packages for Solaris 10 based on company needs.

Peabody Energy St. Louis, MO Network Specialist II June 2000–July 2002
One of three systems administrators managing 100 servers and 500 workstations around the United States running Sun Solaris 2.5.1-2.9. I provided heavy documentation on system, application, development processes. I architected and implemented the companies IT backup infrastructure using Legato Networker backing up 600 machines at roughly 3TB of data. In addition, I worked with Sun-Guard facilities for disaster-recovery scenarios. I configured and Administered the companies Checkpoint FW1 firewall, and snort IDS with A.C.I.D. to keep an eye on external users hitting the site. I performed MySQL and PostgreSQL DBA functions. I also, architected the companies website and DNS server. Then brought it in-house from a web- hosting company.

Nextgen Information Services St. Louis, MO UNIX Analyst November 1999–March 2000
?I wrote ksh scripts that used SQL to do corrections to corrupt data and perform modifications of account records in the Oracle database. In such work, I implemented automation of the modification process to speed the process and lowered the time to resolve the account problems. I performed logging and notification of ksh and sh scripts of account records involved notifying the proper persons via E-mail and pager. I performed porting of shell scripts for the SNS Application from Sun Solaris 2.5.1 on an Enterprise 10K and E450 to a new acquired IBM AIX machine.

Primary Networks St. Louis, MO UNIX Systems Administrator February 1999–November 1999
One of three administrators of various server architectures including Sun Solaris 2.5.1, S.u.S.E Linux 5.4, SGI IRIX, NetBSDi, and FreeBSD. I performed migration of various platform (Linux/ FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD/Solaris) user bases from multiple acquisitions and integrated into the companies IT infrastructure.

Lewis & Clark Career Center St. Charles, MO UNIX Systems Administrator 1997–November 1999
I was a student who was in a course at the vocation school for electrical engineering. I had worked with Solaris and Linux at home personally since fifteen (1995). The vocational school was looking to get online and provide internet to all their classmates. As the quotes given were expensive they had no idea how to proceed. I offered my services as a student for free which appealed to them. I custom built a Solaris 2.6 machine running ipfilter running NAT to all the clients over a ISDN line. I later setup the school’s website from this server running apache.

Apprentice @ FoobarLabs.net St. Charles, MO Script Monkey 1995–1996
I made connections on IRC at a library. One such connection was an IT Admin at Scott AFB in Illinois. I was mentored in Solaris 2.5.1, Slackware Linux, *NIX CLI, ksh scripting, and building my own Linux & Solaris x86 server as a web-server using Apache.