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Cathy Fuller

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I am a native Texan, currently living in Arkansas, in the mountains, near Mt. Ida. I am a writer, with a copyright on a collection of poems, I have many more to be added to that collection. I have worked to complete what I think will be a refreshing change to the average ordinary poetry book. I have also neared the completion of another book that I believe will be considered more of a "new age" book, even though I believe it should be considered as more of a book on something closer to the metaphysical. Both of these books are the reason for me being here, and depending on the success or failure in finding who and what I need here, may result in coming back for more help with my third venture, still in the works.

I love to learn and feel as long as we are living, we should be doing just that. I love science, numerology, palmistry, any of the sciences dealing with the study of the mind and the metaphysical. I love learning about the various religions of the world and their histories. Though raised as a Baptist, I am a spiritualist.

I worked for over 12 years as a jeweler for a major National corporation. I love nature, the country, thunderstorms, and love to work for the betterment of this planet and mankind as a whole. I consider myself to be an extremely open minded individual. I am a divorced mother, grandmother and great grandmother, and am now disabled. I have a very limited income with which to work, and have had many unknown artist's and photographer's consent to allow me to use their work in my book to illustrate my work and I have promised all due credit for this generosity. They will retain all rights to their work and given due credit in my book for their contributions. Hopefully, any sales generated by the sale of my book, published at my own expense, will offer additional exposure and opportunities to them, in exchange for the assistance with making my book the finished project I hope it can and will become.

My goal in publishing and selling the book of poetry has never been the result of some illusions of fame and fortune. It is my hope that if any, even one person, should read and be able to identify with any of my poems in a way that with help them in any way, to know they are not alone, to feel some kinship or better understanding of themselves, the world, the meaning of life or others in it with them....if it can make just one person's life better in some way, it has served its purpose.
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