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Keith Foote

Freelance Creative Writer & Content Writer

Location:United States
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Resume of Keith D. Foote Research & Writing Specialist

Honest and accurate research. Writing styles range from the formal encyclopedia format to an artistically choreographed work. Fiction writing techniques which do not distort the information, but make the work a more interesting read, can be incorporated.
~'The Ultra-Space Field Theory' © 2006: A 252 page nonfiction treatise, with several illustrations, describing and translating quantum physics and cosmology using a 'pure' field a theory paradigm.
~'The Treasure Hunter's Trek © 2012: A sci-fi novel about space exploration by the survivors of a science-religion war. ' ~'OutReach Investigations' © 2001: A science fiction novel using a private detective from Mars as the main character. Cloning is explored as a moral dilemma.

Articles & Papers (The End Result of Research and Writing) ?~Physics Papers (available @ )?The Probable Evolution of Black Holes, Galactic Cores, & Quasars/ Solar Cell Wave Guide/ Extraordinary Optical Transmission as an Electromagnetic Phenomenon/ 'The Big Bang Model Is Coming Apart At The Seams'/ Neutrons ‘Are Not’ Fundamental Particles'/ Plasmonics per the Ultra-Space Field Theory/ Dark Matter as a Support Mechanism for the Electromagnetic Field, and the Fatal Flaws in Einstein's Special and General Theories & Photons/ The Higgs Boson: Reality or Mass Illusion/ Gravity: The Subatomic Electrical Contraction of Space and It's Relationship to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity.
?~ A variety of e-zine articles, primarily on business, politics, science, and science history.

Teaching, Presentation Experience, Special Interests
~ Lived in South Korea for one year teaching English as a second language.?
~ Lived in West Germany for two years as an electrician for the U.S. Force.
?~ Ozone House counselor and trainer for empathic counseling.
?~ Video taped and edited projects for DreamWeavers Multimedia Productions.
~ Worked with and trained four 'home repair' apprentices. ~ Dance, yoga, martial arts, nutrition, and physical training.
?~ Meditation, developing creativity, philosophy, alternative mindsets, religion and spirituality.
?~ History, electronics, patents, crime scene investigations, RNA/DNA, weather and climate.
?~ Anthropology, modern cultures, impact of the internet, business philosophies and their impact.
?~ Politics, the Republican and Democratic parties, environment and pollution, global warming.
~ Romantic relationships, lovemaking techniques, friendship, enemies, passion, emotions, and bonding.
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Creative Writing
Content Writing