Priscilla Lancaster

Freelance Artist & Real Life Painter

Location:Santa Monica, California, United States
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As an artist, my main goal is to create art work that reflects the details we often overlook in the human existence. I specialize in painting and drawing humans and the details of what makes the human skin, body ,mind and soul beautiful and vulnerable. In focusing on texture I build up various mediums to create a realistic effect that goes beyond what our human eyes are capable of seeing.
My favorite mediums are watercolor and color pastel. However I experiment with Indian ink, acrylic paint and oil Paint for a layered effect.

Focusing on the innermost parts that make a structured human figure drives me in the creative process. The small details and patterns of the human are very important in the finished product of the piece . In addition my artwork can be taken in abstract dimensions because of the many techniques and textures used to create the the finished product.
In all I aim to bring about emotion and depth in my artwork that may help the viewer to see how fragile, beautiful and unique we are. We are all master pieces that contain flaws and marks that should be examined with a keener eye.

I can create any commissioned art piece.Looking for that perfect painting?I can make your idea's come to life in my paintings.
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Real Life Painting