Lawrence Jones

Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Location:Arlington Heights, Illinois, United States
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I've been creating art since the age of 4. I've always been interested in art, in grammar school I had a one man show and won many awards in High School. I went to Ray Vogue Commercial Art school for college, where I swept the 1982 spring art show for illustration. I have always created art but I was always looking for that certain something that would differentiate from me from other artists. I worked in all kinds of mediums from water-color to pastels always searching for that unique style. Through out my life I had to draw every night or I wasn't a happy man, still searching for my voice. As time went on I'd complete a piece here and there but I just was not satisfied with my work and as life does happen I was married and had a few kids. So I would have a day job then come home at night and do the family man thing then finally I'd go out to my studio at night, still searching. Then in 2004 tragedy struck and my studio burnt to the ground. It was devastating, you have to realize I lost the majority of my life's work. After rebuilding I got back to work, still struggling with the loss of so much of my work. But sometimes I think things work out the way they have to and this gave me a clean slate so to speak, where I started to search for that thing or some would call it my voice. Like I said sometimes things have to work out the way they work out, 6 months after losing my studio I found my voice. Before finding my thing I would complete maybe 4 or 5 pieces a year starting many pieces and not completing them because it just didn't feel right there was something missing. Since finding my voice I complete all my work averaging 25 works per year. Since 2005 I've completed over 200 pieces of art. In my case my voice or that thing artist look for was more the right technique. I've always liked working in the negative starting on black adding light and color to create shape and depth, I always felt it was more dramatic and there are more possibilities working in the negative. After the fire I finally found a technique that gave me a full spectrum of light to dark that I was looking for and I felt this is the type of work I wanted to bring to galleries and to the main stream art world. Hopefully you'll find my work interesting and worth your time.
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Graphic Design