Gary Tole

Freelance Audio Editor & Photo Editor

Location:Yorktown Heights, New York, United States
2 Skills
Audio Engineer for Film, Television, Records and Multimedia

Key Talents: Record, Edit, Sound Design and Mix Audio for Film, Television, Records and Multimedia

Freelance Employment:

• Food Network Senior Sound Designer/ Editor/Mixer for promos and Long Form 2002 –Present
• BBC America Sound Designer/ Mixer 2012-Present
• Gizmo Post Sound Designer/ Mixer for Promos and Long Form Television 2006-2012
• Martha Stewart Living Sound Designer/ Mixer Special projects 2010-Present
• HGTV Sound Designer/ Mixer Promos and Long Form 2002-Present
• B- Train Films Sound Editor/ Mixer 2011-Present
• Blue Chip Films Sound Editor/Designer/Mixer 2011-Present
• Quinn Wells Entertainment Sound Editor/ Designer/Mixer 2007-Present
• Bi Coastal Music Recording and Mixing Engineer
• Nile Rodgers Productions Recording/Mixing Engineer for Records And Live Productions 1991-Present
• D.E.G. Productions Sound Editor/Designer/ Mixer 2001-Present
• Chelsea Sound Labs Owner of studio/Sound Recording/ Editor/Sound Design/Mixer 1995-Present

Staff Employment:
Chelsea Sound Labs (Owner/President) 1995 to Present
• Specializing in all aspects of Audio for the Entertainment Field;
Including Live Production Recording and Mixing, Sound Editing, Design, Mixing and Mastering for Records, Television, Film And Multimedia, As well as Audio Supervision and Consulting for various Producers and Studios In United States and Canada

Pirate New York Music and Post 2009 to May 2010
• Chief Engineer (Contracted)
• Sound Designer/ Mixer for Various National T.V and Radio Spots
• In Charge of Engineering Staff and set Operational and Technical guidelines

Nile Rodgers Productions 1992 to 2001
• Chief Audio Engineer responsible for recording and mixing all
• Records/ Television and Film Scores as well As Award winning Television spots for Nike, Coke, Reebok etc. and Grammy Award Nominations

The Hit Factory NYC 1990 to 1992
• Staff Recording/Mix Engineer with Multi-Platnium awarded albums and Grammy Nominations

Ochoa Recording Studios Puerto Rico 1989 to 1990
• Consultant on New Studio and present studio redesign
• Chief Audio Engineer responsible for a six-room facility and a Staff of 8 Audio engineers. Set operational and Technical guidelines as well raised profile of clientele and Studio

Select List of Credits

• Production Location Recording
(Magnolia Pictures) Bigger, Stronger, Faster
(Columbia Pictures) Spider Man 3 (Production Surround Mixer)?
(ABC)?The Home Team
(ESPN) Cold Pizza
Concepts Television Productions Various Infomercials
(Food Network) Emeril Live Armed Forces Special
Life Aquatic (Record Directors Commentary For criterion collection)

• Post Production Mixing And Sound Design
(Blue Chip Films) Confidence Game
Rivers Wash Over Me (Sound Design, Post Mixer)?
(Food Network) $40 a day, Guys Big Bite, Cooking for Real, Barefoot Contessa, After Midnight, Tyler’s Ultimate ?, Rachel Ray, Ten Dollar Dinners
(HGTV) Dream House
(BBC America) Various Promos for Copper, Dr. Who, Top Gear DVD Commentary and Mix for First Season Copper
Martha Stewart Living) Interstitials and specials
By Invitation Only for the Eyes Productions (Mobile Record & Mix, 26 part Country Music series)??

• Live Music and Event Recording and Mixing
Bon Jovi NFL Kick Off Times Square?
VH1 Dance Music Awards?
VH1 Hip Hop Honors?
? Vanessa Williams, David Letterman Show (CBS Mix for air)?
Vanessa Williams, Today Show (NBC Mix for air)?
Bryan Adams for Tokyo television (mobile uplink Mix Live)?
Loverboy for Tokyo television (mobile uplink)?
AC/DC “ The Hardest Rocking Halloween in History (The Album Network 2 Hour Radio Show)
David Lee Roth (Live) Westwood Radio one Radio Network
Chic and Adam Lambert At The Hammerstein
Chic and Sting At the Hammerstein

• Music Recording and Mixing For Film
Beverly Hills Cop 3 (Record and Mix Score for film)?
The Flintstones (Record and Mix “Bedrock Twitch” for party scene)?
Blue Chips (Record and Mix Score for film)?

?Rock Band/ Guitar Hero (Mixed 20-30 Titles)

* “Triple Play Mash up” Verizon (record and mix spot)?
* “ Baby Nursery” Doritos (record and mix spot)?
* “ Invisible” Mitsubishi (Sound Design and mix spot)?
* “ Chipolte Chicken” Wendy’s (Sound Design and mix spot)
* “ Deion Sander Clause” Nike (record and mix spot)?
* “ Spikes Urban Gym” Nike (record and mix spot)

Platforms: Mac Os, Windows 95, 98, NT and XP?Software: Microsoft Word, Excel, Filemaker Pro, Retrospect, Pro Tools 8, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Photoshop, Peak XLT,?Logic Audio, Soundtrack, SoundMiner,
Digital Workstations: DigiDesign Protools, AMS Audiophile, IZ Radar Geffen library system, 360 Systems Digicart and Instant replay?
Consoles: Digidesign Icon and D-Command, SSL, 9000, 8000, 6000, 4000 G&J Series, Neve 8078, VR, ?Capricorn, 500,600 series, Sound Devices 442, Shure Fp32 & 44, Cooper MCI, Sony Mxp 3000, ?
Tape Machines: Sony 3348, 3324, APR24, Studer A800MkIII, A80 and 827, ATR 100, Sony TC Dat, HHB Timecode Dat, Sound Devices 744T?MTR90MKII, MCI JH24, Otari, Panasonic DVC Pro, Sony HDCAM, Sony Digi beta, Betacam and Imix systems Synchronizers: Lynx II, MicroLynx, Audio Kinetics?Wireless Systems: Sennheiser, Shure, Lectrosonics, Grass Valley Routers


Grammy Nominated for Best Blues Album (Jimmie Vaughan)
Ampex Golden Reel Award
RIAA Multiplatinum Award for Whitney Houston Bodyguard Soundtrack (Engineering)
RIAA Gold award for David Bowie Black Tie White Noise (Engineering)
RIAA Multiplatinum Award for Armageddon Soundtrack (Engineering)

Certification: ?
DigiDesign Protools Certification?
Certified Apple Technical Support Person

Professional Affiliations: ?
National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (NARAS)?
Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS)?
Audio Engineering Society (A.E.S.)

Skills (2) Rating
Audio Editing
Photo Editing