Greg Andersen

Freelance Journalistic Videographer & Music Composer

Location:Ogden, Utah, United States
2 Skills
Unique, dynamic, Video Producer with over 14 successful years of experience in all aspects of Video Production including writing, directing, shooting and editing for live events, commercials, episodic content and features.

Technical Summary
Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Photoshop, Audition, Encoder, Final Cut 7, Compressor, DVD Studio, Soundtrack Pro, Pro Camera, DSLR, Lighting, Green-screen, Blue screen, Camtasia, iShowU HD, MS Office

Andersen Media, Video Producer / Owner 1999 - Present
• Produced and directed several live multi-cam events ensuring correct pacing and proper coverage.
• Engaging commercials that capture the unique demands of each client and the products represented.
• Captured and edited many weddings with emphasis on meeting the customers vision and expectations.
• Produced and scored over 25 independent films

Gephardt Approved, Production Manager April 2014 – Oct 2014
• Lead and developed a successful video platform from the ground up that ensured a dynamic range of entertaining videos that resulted in the repeat of web viewers.
• Exercised correct video pacing and scripting to keep customers and clients engaged and informed.
• Effectively produced several daily web videos and shows that required acute knowledge of how to balance the needs of talent, print and production needs with in the studio.
• Created several off-site videos that required the ability to produce, write, film and direct complete packages independent of all assistance.

Tech Media Network, Video Producer Aug 2008 – April 2014
• Quality film and editing production, providing clear and meaningful video presentation.
• Exercised correct video pacing and scripting to keep customers and clients engaged and informed.
• Quick turnaround of time sensitive materials to create cutting edge information to customers.
• Exceeded customer’s expectations on several occasions resulting in repeat business and increased revenue.