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Jonatan Vega

Freelance Book Writer & Language Translator

Location:sacramento, California, United States
Phone: 9169127962
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Hello my name is Jonatan Vega.I write about love,heartbeat,life,God most all the time,.I consider myself a great confifent writer with a huge soul,so if you choose me to make job for you it will be just incredible.
Hello my name is Jonatan Vega as you all see I love poetry.My favorite languages are Spanish,French,English and some Italian,but my first language is Spanish.I live in US but I am from México.I am a college student at American River college in Sacramento,CA.I consider myself as very talented.I am very confident.I am kinda quiet,but when you get to know me I am amazing.I consider defining what the soul feels is art:poetry.I am a painful poet most of the time,but I could write about everything when I put that objective in my mind.I love love for what it is,I'm always dreaming making all truth.i am a amazing person if you get to talk to me.whatever people says I am I'm not just a big soul here,writing the universe,I could love guys too,but at the end of the day is just one,one who can be my poetry too just so you know.Music is my passion also. Some of My work focuses on what I see as the repression of women by men. This often takes the form of personal insults directed at men in general Love,Heartbreak and the fact the my father left me or abandoned me and my mother was both mom and dad changed my writing by helping me to lose my former models, and reach a more dramatic lyricism, my style now showed more realism than before.Recurring themes in my work include love,hearbreak,suspense,humanism, nature, alienation, death, family, sorrow, women’s issues, and violence.Although my portrayal of men is ironic and critical,I felt a strong need for homosexual love, and Im able to express the tension and passion of these ambivalent feelings in poetry both simple and deeply sensual, expressing an original note in ****** poetry in a sensitive manner. . Facebook as @jonatan Vega and instagram as @officialpoet_Vega or my personal one @chevalier_dpacotille. Any thing you want to ask or enjoy my poetry just ask..cheers! Los quiero.. Twitter @fearlessvega