Richard Eichmiller

Freelance Fiction Writer & Writer

Location:Tyrone, Pennsylvania, United States
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I seek to write small English pieces, in order to make a sum of money with which I would purchase books (both Collegiate and Personal).

I have been writing creatively for a number of years, my material received a fair amount of views on the platforms on which it was posted. I cannot disclose the type of material I have written as it would be a breach of site policies.

I am not college educated, nor have I fully graduated from high school, but I do understand and comprehend the English language fairly well and am willing to learn and grow as a writer with your help.

I understand most grammar rules. I am a decent speller(not too highly requested in today's society.) I understand full well MLA Formatting and typical Short Story writing format, I can also adapt to the formatting required by a project.
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Fiction Writing