Rachelle Quigley

Freelance Manga Artist & Journalistic Writer

Location:Des Moines, Iowa, United States
2 Skills
I am a housekeeper/front desk woman for a motel and have a year experience in customer service.
As a current hobby, I do enjoy several different activities that I would like to share with others to help them out. I have experience in learning/exploring more with manga art and art in general, drawing, fantasy art, basic painting, sculpting with clay, blog writing, article writing, creative writing, editing, fiction writing, journalistic writing, and some data entry from my previous customer service job in a call center.
There are some areas that I would like to learn more about that focus in the illustration/painting and writing areas. However, as I've said, my experience is hobbyist throughout all of the areas I've mentioned.
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Manga Art
Journalistic Writing