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Talbot Snow aka Snowman

Freelance Music Producer & Portrait Photographer

Location:Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Phone: 702-5624-8649
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You will never find a more : easy-to-get-along-with, yet professional, proficient and highly-creative, Producer / Director - within the fields of : pro-photography (shooting / lighting / editing), pro-videography (shooting / editing / production), and pro-level music-production (including composition / sequencing / performance / tracking / mixing / mastering), AND website-design. I have been working in all of these areas consistently, for nearly 2 x decades - and still going strong!

Programs and equipment I am extremely proficient with include : Final-Cut-Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, ProTools-HD, Acid, Digital Performer, Maschine, WIX, (Mac OS & Wintel OS computers) - as well as pro-level Canon and Panasonic cameras and rigging.

I constantly emphasize : quality, efficiency, planning, good-communication, the ability to think outside of the box, and - to deliver what the client wants / needs - within deadlines - and within reasonable budgets. And BTW, bonus, I'm not strung out on : ego, drugs, alcohol, girls, etc...

Give me a try - you won't be disappointed!