Ty Mall

Freelance Copywriter & Editor

Location:Illinois, United States
Website: http://www.tymallcopywriting.yolasite.com
2 Skills
Copywriting (emails, video sales letter scripts)
Creative writing (including blog posts, short fiction, reviews, blurbs)
Editing (including proofreading and developmental editing)

Thanks for stopping by my profile here on Freelanced.com.
I’m a copywriter (although I prefer to say “I use words to help businesses make more money.”)
Oh, and I’m a fiction writer.
Those two types of writing work together well to make you money.
Here’s why…
I study people. And their behavior. In good books and stories, people want to achieve…well, something. It varies from character to character. They may not know why, but they feel uneasy about something. Maybe it keeps them awake at night. Or depressed. And they feel powerless to stop it. It could be inside them, or an outside factor—the results are often the same.
So do your prospects—even down to the tossing and turning at night, a lot of times. They have something in their life they’re not satisfied with, and want to change (after they become aware).
In stories, characters find a solution (often through struggle), and their problem is solved. For your prospect, they find your solution (often hatched through your own struggle), and their problem or pain is eased or eliminated.
I want to help you write that story—starting with your prospect, moving them past their problem with your solution, getting them to trust you, and moving you to profit.
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