Leandro Robles

Freelance Paralegal & Legal Translator

Location:Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States
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- Latin America society, business, academia and culture are an integral part of who I am, having been born and raised and having worked there for the first 30 years of my life.

- Excels in working in a variety of workgroups and organizations, understanding the importance of collaboration, interdisciplinary efforts and diversity.

- Adapts to change and new scenarios, whether in technology, organizations, or even personal circumstances.

- Experienced as a lawyer negotiating settlements, discussing ideas, adapting to new situations and working under pressure and strict deadlines.

- Confident in working with and talking to people, either in small or large groups.

- Leadership experience includes teaching at the university level for the past three years including designing a new classes, syllabus, advising, working in the logistic of conferences and putting panels together.

- I have volunteered for several non-profit and other NGO organizations for many years, working together with a variety of people with many different backgrounds.

- Available and willing for travel at all times, due to my always ready to go attitude.

Professional Experience

Amway: I am currently a contractor in the ANA Communications Department. I report to the Manager of Communications

The Objective of my current role includes translating and editing IBO materials such as contracts, Rules of Conduct, Amway’s business plan, waivers, packaging, training materials, marketing material, etc. I am in permanent contact with editors, and stakeholders, listening and interpreting what they want when it comes to present a new product, or how they want to present a new idea or pitch sales.

What I have achieved: Having had the opportunity to use my outstanding written and spoken Spanish skills at Amway, I've become increasingly familiar with the Amway direct-selling business model and what IBOs need to build and grow successful businesses. I have attended IBO seminars and training workshops and will continue to increase my knowledge and exposure to the IBO experience.
I have helped to improve the accuracy and sophistication of the translations and edited many documents that needed it to. All that was done in a timely manner due to my speed and quality of work.

Grand Valley State University Allendale, MI 01/2011- Present
Adjunct Professor

Classes that taught or currently teaching:
- “Exploring Latin America” 2011 – Present; “Spanish for Law Enforcement” 2011; “Trade, Commerce and Society in Latin America” (Designed myself) 2012; “Human Rights in Latin America” (Designed myself) 2012; “Diversity in Latin America” 2013 to present.
• Member of the Advisory Committee of Latin American Studies of GVSU.
• Member of the Executive Committee of Latin American Studies of GVSU.

Otterbase, Grand Rapids, MI June/11 – Dic 2011
Agency assignment to Amway Corp. editing and translating material of different and wide content, from IBO contracts to marketing content.
Legal Assistance Center (Kent County Court House) Grand Rapids, MI, May 2011 – Dic 2011
• Part Time Position at this self help Legal Center, meeting with Spanish speaking clients to translate Spanish into English to address their legal issues.
Juan Roberto Robles Law Firm Argentina 12/01 – 01/2009
• General and civil litigation and numerous legal services including business, trades, criminal prosecution and defense. Trial cases orally as well.
Assistant to Juan Roberto Robles Argentina 08/06 – 12/2006
• Project coordinator during the tenure of Juan Roberto Robles, during the Reform of Constitution of Tucuman, Argentina.
Legislative assistant to Juan Roberto Robles Argentina 03/03 – 03/2007
• Project coordinator during the tenure of Juan Roberto Robles, managing his agenda, representing his motions in Court, Executive Offices, Judicial Officials, meetings with former Argentinean President. Advising his team in every statement that was needed to be made on regular basis, etc.

- March 2011 – Invited panelist at a “Peace Jam” Conference: “Popular Uprising Now! Exploring the Building Blocks of Sweeping Social Change” in participation with the Nobel Prize Laureate Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan.
- September 2012 - Latin American Conference – Presenter: Nationalization of National Resources in Argentina. Hope College, Holland, Michigan.
- February 2013 - Amnesty International Student Statewide Meeting – Presenter – Evolution of Human Rights and Current Challenges. Grand Valley State University, Allendale, Michigan.
- May 2013 - Latin American Studies Association Conference – Presenter – The Mothers of Plaza de Mayo and the Social Contract in Argentina – Washington DC
- October 2013 – Challenges for Hispanics in West Michigan, Panel Organizer, Pew Campus, GVSU.

- - Grand Valley State University Allendale, MI 06/10 Masters in Public Administration (MPA)
- - Universidad Nacional de Tucumán Argentina 12/04 Master in Political Science, Emphasis in South American Nations,
- - Universidad Nacional de Tucumán Argentina 06/01Faculty of Law and Social Science - Attorney
- - Universidad Nacional de Tucumán Argentina 06/00 Faculty of Law and Social Science - Paralegal

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Legal Translation