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Robert Diltz

Freelance Video Producer, Website Architect, & More

Location:Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 905-633-7474
12 Skills

• Multimedia Specialist, (Digital Media Specialist) for over 10 years
• Award-Winning Broadcast Video Editor
• Award-Winning Web Developer
• Graphic Designer / Motion Designer / Animator
• e-Learning Instructional Designer Experience
• Created multiple video and web-video, webcast and Power Point presentations
• Developed a variety of websites and web applications
• Flash animator and ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 programmer
• Produced videos from commercials, corporate videos, promotional and sales projects
• Knowledge of most print and graphic design packages


Digital Media Specialist - RB PRODUCTIONS 2007 - present

• Project planning, budgeting, team management, procured and managed client relationships
• Produce variety of media, including interactive e-learning and sales tools and corporate videos
• Notable successes include; winning an award for the Whitehat website architecture and design, producing a short film that was accepted into ScreamFest - the Los Angles Film Festival; creating a commercial that went to cinematic release in Belleville area

Multimedia Specialist / Motion Designer - RADICAL BOB'S ANIMATION 2000 - 2007

• Created interactive learning and sales tools with a heavy emphasis on adult learning strategies and techniques
• Created animated logos, billboards, banner ads in 2D and 3D
• Designed print work in all formats: brochures, logos, booklets, posters, signage, etc.

Video Editor / Animator - IZUMI OUTDOORS 1994 - 2000

• Produced several commercials for variety of clients
• Created several animated titles and segments for various television series, including "Around the Green" with John Derringer, the "Bob Izumi Real Fishing Show" and "We're In Business" television series
• Wrote scripts and designed storyboards for commercials and show segments
• ACE Award winner for video editing


(3 year program)


Skiing, hiking, archery, scuba diving, photography, percussion (drums), ASL (American Sign Language), Master LEGO Builder, model railroading, foam sword fencing with the kids !

Charity fund-raising for VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children
- Co- founder of VOICE Valentine Dinner and Dance
- raised over $ 127,000.00 for the charity over 6 years


• Designed Award Winning Website. Created the WhiteHat Internet Securities powerful dynamic website. The construction was modeled, lit and textured in 3-D, then built along 2-D planes in Flash. The interface also consists of hot buttons, which trigger animated movies opening the CEO and CSO introductions. The website was designed to capture attention and encourage user interactivity as the owner was looking to sale the business. Successfully the website did gain a lot of attention and not only sold within the year - but won an award for "Outstanding Website 2008" from the Web marketing Association.

• Branded New Municipal Program. Graphic designer and editor for the "Introduction to Martial Arts program", for the city of London, Ontario. This consisted of a 28 page student guide in two versions, an 86 page instructor's manual, an Instructor's DVD, Completion certificates and advertising brochure.

• Increased Web Traffic by 20%. Produced Crystal Cap Cleaners website using a funnel marketing technique to help target audiences. Custom coding was used to ensure the website displayed properly regardless of the type of browser or whether it was being accessed through a phone or tablet device. The client has been extremely happy with the set-up of the new website which is highly video driven. Even though the site has only been up a few months the are recognizing huge savings in travel alone, and a 20% increase in new user web traffic since the website was launched.

• Saved Charity $ 27,500.00 +. Recently completed a 1 year contract for the VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children charity as Social Media Coordinator. I analyzed the charity's online e-learning training requirements and saved the organization money by building their own web based e-learning system instead of using a 3rd party system. A savings of $ 27,500.00 in the first year followed by an additional $ 3000.00 in savings every following year by not using the system of the subscription model.

• Branded New Logo For Utility. Created the Burlington Hydro logo for the corporation. Used on all stationary, bills, trucks, etc. from 2006 to 2012.

• Award Winning Video Editor / Animator. Created animated segments for several TV series and segments such as; Body Break, All Strength Challenge, Around the Green, We're In Business, LongDrive TV, Bob Izumi's Real Fishing, Canadian Tire, Quaker State.

• Increased Sales by 8%. Produced the Crystal Cap Cleaners sales video. The video both educates the audience as to the technical requirements and benefits of the Crystal Cap Cleaner product. Designed as part of an information package the video is the key replacement to a personal sales visit saving the company + $ 10,000's in global travel costs. The video has been so well received there has been no drop in the closing rate of sales and in fact sales have gone up by 8% since they can close sales faster without the logistics of planning a personal visit.

• Expanded Audience Awareness. Created the "Choose Trades" commercial, website and print material for Municipality of Belleville through Human Resources and Skills Development Canada. This 35-second commercial was shot in High Definition video, transferred to film in 35 mm for cinematic release in Cineplex & Famous Player theaters in Quinté area.


DreamWeaver • Adobe InDesign • Flash ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 • HTML • XML • PHP • Java Script • Flash CS4 • Sony Vegas Video Editor • Final Cut Pro Video Editor • Sony DVD Architect • Adobe Photoshop • Adobe After Effects • Adobe Illustrator Adobe Media Encoder • Flash ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0 • Sorenson Compression Suite • Lightwave 3-D Animation and Modeling • Ultra 2 Vector Keying Software • MSWord • Excel • Power Point • FTP Voyager • WordPress • Sound Forge Audio Suite • Toon Boom 2-D Animation Software • Poser Character Animation Software • Adobe InDesign • Adobe Streamline • FireWorks • Acid Pro Music • Media 100 Video Editing Suite • Adobe Premiere