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Laurie Klaass

Freelance Editor & Proofreader

Location:United States
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Laurie Klaass
Professional editing for 5+ years, specializing in Developmental and Substantive editing for first time authors.
BA degree in Creative writing and Editing. Published author.
All of my authors have positive experiences whether self-publishing or traditional publishing.
My last author obtained an agent and contract with a large publishing house in New York within a month of final edit.
Proofreading, Copyediting, Developmental, or Substantive editing which may include checking for issues with spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage, style, consistency, clarity, organization (syntax), structure, formatting, and/or design.
The author decides the depth of edit. However, we usually recommend a substantive edit, which is the most thorough and will provide the cleanest submission for publication.
Elle Publishing places the needs of the author as a high priority, and keeps all work confidential prior to publication.
The brilliance of using Elle Publishing to professionally edit is that the final product will be the author's choice.
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