Salvador Pena Solano

Freelance Drawer & Technical Illustrator

Location:San Juan, Texas, United States
2 Skills
1 CAD Draughtsman & Technical Illustrator
2 Technical Electrician
3 Electronic technical
4 Security and Network Administration

1. Experience (14 years) in Create detailed schematics that are utilized in the manufacturing of products and the construction of buildings. These detailed technical drawings incorporate the input of engineers, architects, and surveyors and can specify dimensions, codes, materials, and production methods. Work within different specialties. Prepare structural designs for new construction under the direction of an architect. Civil drafters prepare technical drawings for civil engineering projects, such as bridges, highways, and piping systems. Mechanical drafters create designs for machinery and mechanical devices. Other common specialties include aeronautical, pipeline, electrical, and electronics drafters.

2. Experience (10 years) in the maintenance and installation of electrical networks, problem identification and energy load, in warehouses, factories, commercial and residential wiring. Assembling electrical boards and power distribution.

3-4. Experience (8 years) in management installation and protection of computer networks. Electronic & computer maintenance technology.

Studies *

1. Industrial Design Polytechnic Institute) Havana 1987.
2. Osvaldo Herrera” Polytechnic Institute) Habana 1989.
3. Telecommunications “Eduardo Garcia Delgado” Polytechnic Institute) Habana 1992.
4. Computer Palace Center) Habana 2004.

*.All studies have been outside of the United States territory.

Work experience

Sports Hall (1991 – 1995), Ships from transportation to trade. Distributor of communication equipment. (1995 – 1998)

Patrimonial Architecture (1997-2001) Habana Cuba Office.

Master Plan for the Integral Revitalization of Old Havana. (2001- 2014) Habana Cuba office.

Events and Courses

- Introduction to Web Mapping (by Lorenzo Becchi) Habana. Cuba 2008

- Creation of Multimedia with Macromedia Director Chamber of Commerce. Habana. Cuba 2008

- Introduction to GIS, ARC View and ARC GIS (by specialist: lida Spuches IUVAV University of Venice 2005

- Page Design and Management. Web Security Informatics Havana City Historian Office. Habana. Cuba 2004

- Learn to operate the GIS Arc View Course. Municipal Government Habana. Cuba 2002

- Course "Photogrammetry a tool for creating 3D models of cultural heritage” Havana City Historian Office. By the Technology Center of Spain. Habana. Cuba. 2005

- Auto Cad Map 3D and AutoCAD Map, 3D geospatial tools. By SIGRAAD. Monterrey. NL México. 2010

- Support for Town Planning Regulations and digital survey of the historical center of “La Pastora” and Historical Center “Petares”. Caracas. Venezuela. 2009

- International Workshop: “Using Geographic Information Systems for Planning and Local Management”, by Havana City Historian Office, LHDP, UNDP, UNOPS. Habana. Cuba 2008

- International Workshop: “the Cadastral Information System in Cuba”, by the Min Finance and Prices ministry and State Heritage Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Habana. Cuba 2004


• Auto Cad, 3Dmax, Photoshop suite, Corel Draw suite, Microsoft Office Tools
• Computers System Peripherals, System Software & Hardware, Computer networking technology.
• Technical English ability
Skills (2) Rating
Technical Illustration