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Dima Jurf

Freelance Animator, Digital Artist, & More

12 Skills
I have developed strong leadership skills through over ten years of professional experience in the fields of design and adult education. I have a passion for organisational development and can contribute my innovative ideas for the growth of any organisation. I have a strong work ethic and enjoy working with others. My working experience made me versed in different areas of design for print media and digital media.

Strengths as a creative design expert
1. Ability to create new concepts
2. Brainstorming skills
3. Teamwork skills
4. Self-manage
5. Perform well under pressure
6. Always update myself
7. Problem solving skills

My key duties and responsibilities include:
• Understanding the client’s needs and developing suitable concepts and excellent visual solutions
• Working alone or as part of a team as per the requirements of the project
• Working on different types of media, including storyboards, illustration, animation, photography, stationaries, ads, magazines, and online graphic communications
• Collaborating with copywriters, photographers, printers, illustrators, programmers, and developers to give the best service to the clients.

I have in-depth knowledge about designing software, including the Adobe Creative Suite: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Premier, After-Effect, Muse, and Acrobat Professional.

Institution: University of Bradford
City: Bradford / United Kingdom
Course Title: PhD of Design and Digital Media
Completed: October 2013
Key Subjects: Digital Media, Graphic Design, Reading Habits, Children

Institution: Coventry University
City: Coventry / United Kingdom
Course Title: Master of Media Arts
Completed: September 2008
Key Subjects: Design and Digital Media

Institution: Applied Science Private University
City: Amman / Jordan
Course Title: Bachelor of Graphic Design
Completed: June 2004
Key Subjects: Graphic Design, Illustration, Print Design, Digital Media, Photography,
Storyboarding, Brainstorming

Employment History
Applied Science Private University, Jordan
Feb 20th 2012 – Sep 30th 2014

Graphic, web, and print designer
Rubicon Group Holding
Jan 23rd 2006 – June 30th 2007

Graphic and web designer
Integrated Technology Group (ITG)
September 1st 2004 – June 30th 2005