Charles Stone

Freelance Website Programmer & Ecommerce Programmer

Location:Williamsburg, Virginia, United States
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Almost 20 years of experience in full lifecycle Web Development, Database Development and Administration, Client Application Development and Technical Documentation


Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013 with C# and VB.NET, Entity Framework (DB/Model/Code First) 4+, Dependency Injection with Unity, AJAX, JQuery, Knockout.Js MVVM Framework, CSS, JavaScript, Classic ASP, HTML, XML/XSLT, Perl CGI, Perl Script, MS Team Foundation Server, Visual SourceSafe, Test Driven Development, currently learning SilverLight 4, SQL Server versions 6-2008, Oracle versions 8i-10g and PL/SQL and SQL Server T-SQL stored procedures, Visual Basic 6.0, Windows Scripting Host with VBScript and JavaScript, ADSI and LDAP.


Sea World – TekSystems, Orlando, FL
Senior Web Developer 8/14-current
· C# web forms development with Visual Studio 2013
· Working with extant Ecommerce applications and integrating new development with legacy SOA system.
· Sustainment and new development on legacy services using ASMX and WCF.
· Responsive web site design with JQuery and CSS3.

Xymogen – Orlando, FL
Senior Web Developer 12/13-8/14
· C# development using web forms in support for numerous applications involved with customer experience, manufacturing and warehouse processes.
· Visual Studio 2010/12, Query, SQL Server 2008 R2, TFS
· WCF and ASMX web services consumed by JQuery
· Twitter Bootstrap
· Work with responsive design templates

Disney Vacation Club – TekSystems, Celebration, FL
Senior Web Developer 11/12-11/13
· SAP (FI008) ETL integration for accounting transactions using C# Visual Studio 2010/12, MVC4, JQuery, SQL Server 2008 R2 with Entity Framework 5, and TFS. This portion of the application is currently the only remaining piece of a larger project.
· The interface portion of the project was built with HTML5/CSS3 and contained some features of MVVM using Knockout.js.
· Created numerous SSRS reports in support of business needs using BIDS 2008.
· Created custom BI plug in application to allow for scheduling of executables and stored procedures by non-technical business customers.

Pioneer Technology Group – Sanford, FL
Senior Web Developer 7/12-11/12
· Creation of a new web application using C# VS2012 with MVC3/4, JQuery, Twitter Bootstrap design framework, JQuery DataTables and some Knockout.js, AJAX, and Entity Framework. Also made use of HTML5 and CSS3 with Twitter Bootstrap. This application allows for both public and professional users to access a county’s official public records and conduct and purchase searches.
· Heavy work with WCF and SOA architecture using Service Locator and Abstract Factory patterns
· Also learned some WPF and MVVM for support of client-based portion of this application.
· This application is in use at a number of counties to conduct their records searches. One example can be found at

NASA/Kennedy Space Center – Abacus, Cape Canaveral, FL
Senior Web Developer – Independent Consultant 1/12-6/12
· Created new web application that provides NASA with a catalog of critical services available when creating work orders within the center. This application allows NASA employees to search for and favorite services. It also allows users to search for and view the histories of their service requests.
· Worked with Bamboo continuous integration build server, Subversion code repository and Jira agile development work flow.
· This application was written in C# using Visual Studio 2012 and MVC3. It leveraged both SQL Server 2012 and Oracle databases. It also heavily leveraged JavaScript, JQuery, and Twitter Bootstrap with CSS3.
· This application used Unity IOC with Entity Framework in an Abstract Factory design pattern.
· This application was the recipient of an award for customer usability.

Universal American, Lake Mary, FL
Senior Web Developer – Independent Consultant 4/10-1/12
· Managed and created Dot Net applications using VB.Net and C# in Visual Studio 2010/2012 with ASP.Net web forms, HTML, JavaScript and JQuery, and SQL Server 2008 and 2012 databases.
· Developed agent enrollment application for Medicare policies.
· Brought several other applications, written in older technologies, up to current development standards.

Fidelity National Information Services, Maitland, FL
Senior Web Developer – System Architect 6/07-12/09
· Mentored and managed creation of MS .Net applications.
· Managed an offshore team of 5 C# developers to create a dynamic SSRS interface.
· The reports for this application numbered in the hundreds and by introducing this concept I reduced the development time from an estimated six months down to three.
· Manage and educate co-workers on MS SQL Server Reporting Services report development

Sungard Higher Education, Maitland, FL
Senior Web Developer 12/03-6/07
· Maintained and enhanced an online Help Desk application.
· This application is currently being used by ~60 colleges and universities to track problem tickets, manage projects, and store knowledge with access control.

FoxPitt-Kelton, Orlando, FL
Independent Consultant 11/02-12/03
· Web development for internal stock trading application, an employee database with contact lookup, and e-commerce sites as well as Webtrends Reporting Center reports.

Conning Research & Consulting, Inc., Orlando, FL
Independent Consultant 10/02-11/02
· Maintained DigitalOwl web-based software and dependencies to proprietary servers maintained by Conning Research.
· Creation of E-commerce engine for financial institution.

Independent Consultant, Orlando, FL 8/01-11/02
· Developed commercial web sites.
· – Margaritaville Orlando’s web presence and online shopping cart system.
· Included a site administration tool that allowed admin users to modify any aspect of the shopping system.

Digital Owl, Inc., Orlando, FL
Senior Web Developer 8/00-9/02
· Developed digital rights management software in both Internet and client-based application arenas.

Hard Rock Cafe International, Inc., Orlando, FL
Independent Consultant 4/99-8/00
· Developed website.
· Built FTP application to automatically zip and retrieve daily log files using Visual Basic.
· Built Visual Basic application to automatically retrieve daily transaction records from company fulfillment server. These files were then parsed to create Excel spreadsheet reports for the finance department.
· Created a Project Management tool for all web related projects using Visual Basic and SQL Server 7.
· Created a Payroll tool to aid the finance department in dealing with contracted employees using Visual Basic.
· Created and maintained numerous special features of the web site including club memberships, newsletters, message boards, and the e-commerce shopping experience. This was done using ASP and SQL Server 7.

Independently Contracted Web Developer, Orlando, FL 10/95-4/99
· Developed web sites on a freelance basis for numerous small businesses.

* References available upon request.