Claudio Eusebio

Freelance 3D Graphic Designer & 3D Animator

Location:Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
2 Skills
Flexible and resourceful, with the ability to find practical and fast solutions.
Creativity is my strength and it always pushes me to produce a result that arouses emotions in the observer, not settling for trivialities. Having excellent organization, synthesis capabilities and leadership aptitude to communicate effectively with all staff.
The experience gained in various fields, combined with the flexibility of mind, constitute my strong cultural background, useful for finding original and unique solutions, making the confrontation and the different points of view the key to a creative approach.
Persevering in achieving the goal, considering any improvement one more step on the road to success.
I see myself in the future working a field i have passion for, in which the energies are generated by the enthusiasm so that i will continue to develop my supervisory skills.
Skills (2) Rating
3D Graphic Design
3D Animation