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Ade Daini

Freelance Comic Artist & Illustrator

Location:London, United Kingdom
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My name is Ade Daini, I am a talented, meticulous and detail oriented comic-illustrator, artworker, packaging-design and graphic & digital designer, who has had some fair share of experiences in the various fields of graphic & digital design, visualizing, web-design, and illustrating in general and works as a general design expert with "Supreme Design Printers in London, but is willing to widen my horizon with new and higher challenges by joining any new company that may be ready to take me into its fold as an experienced creative member of staff. I absolved my bachelors' degree in "Graphic & Digital Design" from the "University of Greenwich" in 2012, what brought me back to that institute is the ever changing environment in the world of creativity, I however had my first college degree known as Ordinary National Diploma in 1991 and have since worked in this field of endeavor starting from Africa all through to Europe and the United-Kingdom, where I now reside.

I function very well, either as a good team player, or as an individual creative person. I want to creatively add new potential values to your establishment, I am a designer who could also either take a on a brief from its very scratch by making beautiful marker visual concept scamps to finished artwork level on the computer, on Adobe-CS' "Illustrator", "Photoshop", "Indesign", "Fireworks", "Aftereffects", "Flash", "CSS", "Acrobat", "Dreamweaver", "WORD", "POWERPOINT" just to mention some. I however also use blends of PANTONE and COPIC marker colors very well in making visual artworks, apart from the fact that I do make imaginative artworks look very good, be it for storyboards or other commercial visual-work purposes. However as I was studying to earn myself a degree in graphic and digital-design, I also took the opportunity to intensify on and further-more widen my scope and knowledge in the digital digital realm of the subject and really brushed up my web-design skills to meet up with the ever growing demand for skills in that sector of the design profession.

My contact numbers are both: 07403192143 and 01322839781, and you can also take a look at some of my portfolio works at: .

I however promise to perform and deliver, if considered for an interview on this given role by your hiring team.


Yours sincerely, Ade Daini.
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Comic Art