Gloria Lee

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Location:South Roxana, Illinois, United States
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? Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA

B.A. May 2012

Major: Biological Sciences/Minor: Music

? University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO

Non-Degree, May 2013

Major: Chemistry


? Intel Science Fair Competition, 1st place, 05/2008

? JSEHS Science Competition, 1st place, 05/2008

? Cancer Research Center’s Abraham Eisenstark Scholarship, 07/2010, 07/2012,


? FASEB/MARC- ABRCMS Travel Award, 11/2010

? Elaine Marieb Science Fellowship, 05/2011

? FASEB/ASIP Summer Fellowship, 05-07/2011

? Honor Member Award, UMC, 05/2013

? AMWA (American Medical Women’s Association) Member, 2013-Present

? NAPW (National Association of Professional Women) Nominated Awardee,


? ASIP Membership, 2012-Present

Research Experience

? Research Student Intern. Cancer Research Center. 06/2006-05/2008.

Performed sterile techniques for numerous bacterial strain growth curve experiments, mainly helping projects with Salmonella typhimurium. I

also developed knowledge and interest in Salmonella activation from dormancy, which led to a senior project on the evolutionary development

of Salmonella strains from dormancy. I worked on this project under the guidance of Dr. Robert Kazmierczak and submitted my research

findings for the Regional Intel Science fair and for the Junior academy of science at Jefferson City, MO and attended the JSEHS Science

Symposium competition and received First place at the Intel Science Fair and receive an Honorary First place medal for outstanding

presentation and innovative research project at the JSEHS Science Competition.

? Summer Research Intern. Seoul National Univ. College of Pharmacology. 05/2009-08/2009.

Dr. Sunghoon Kim, an innovative researcher and Nobel-laureate in Korea was able to supervise me in my summer internship preceding my first

year in college. Through my internship at his lab, I was exposed to his novel research project in the fields of Pharmaceutical research on cancer

treatment by studying the protein domain complex and was able to master numerous molecular techniques such as protein extraction, yeast

hybridization, transformation, western blotting to murine sample collection which helped contribute in data-collection for his project. I also

revised and edited his manuscript drafts for publication.

? Roma Eisenstark Scholar. Cancer Research Center. 05/2011-08/2011.

As a funded student intern and a research scholar, I continually worked under Dr. Abraham Eisenstark and Dr. Robert Kazmierczak on a

bacterio-tumor therapeutic developmental project with a plant pathogen called Erwinia, and its phenotypic affinity and targeting abilities for PC-

3M prostate tumor cells. I had promising preliminary results during the summer which leads to my current post-baccalaureate research project; I

identified a new possible vector strain for bacterio-tumor therapeutic usage by testing PC-3M tumor targeting efficiency rate with the three sub-
set of Erwinia strains; carotovora, amylovora and herbicola. Amongst these three, Erwinia carotovora had the highest efficiency and was

determined the best candidate strain for future bacterio-tumor therapeutic development studies. With these results and findings, I was able to

receive the ABRCMS Travel Awards and presented my findings at the 2010 ABRCMS Conference as a Poster Presenter and also participated as

a presenter at the LEAP symposium at Mount Holyoke College.

? ASIP Student Fellow. Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. 05/2011-08/2011.

As an ASIP fellow, I worked under Harvard Medical School instructor and Physician, Dr. Rajan Dewar who is a Pathologist and a Researcher at

the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Under his supervision, I worked at the lab of Dr. Roya Khosravi-Far in Beth Israel Deaconess. I

collected publishable manuscript data regarding bortezomib drug’s effect on chronic myeloid, acute myeloid and acute lymphoblastic leukemia

cell line for further development into clinical trials for possible FDA approval in utilizing bortezomib (commercially known as gleevec ©) for

acute myeloid and lymphoblastic leukemia treatments. I looked at changes in foxo3 transcription factor level on these cell types in vitro when

treated with different dosages and conditions of bortezomib. In two month time-period, I identified optimal treatment conditions for each cell

type when administered with bortezomib to determine optimal conditions that could lead to apoptosis thereby leading to inhibition of growth of

leukemic cell.

? Senior Independent Project Student. Mount Holyoke College, 09/2011-05/2012.

Under Dr. Paola Sacchetti, I spent two years in college working on an independent research project. I developed a thesis project in dopaminergic

cell line by looking first in the Wnt/ß-catenin pathway. I developed a logical research plan and wrote a proposal on the project to answer the

questions as to what specific roles Nurr1 and ß-catenin intracellularly had on the dopaminergic neuronal specification pathway, specifically in

the Human neuroblastoma cell line, SK N AS. In a year, I determined the protein-protein interaction of Nurr1 and ß-catenin through Western

blotting with our neuronal cell line to show that Nurr1 has an inhibitory role in the production of ß-catenin and thus playing a pivotal role in

allowing a proliferating dopaminergic cell to start differentiating into a Dopamine cell. This was a significant discovery, novel to the SK N AS

cell type, due to its potentiality in being used in Parkinson’s disease (PD) patient treatment use by manipulating undifferentiated dopaminergic

cells to be transplanted into PD patients.

[Post-Baccalaureate Research]

? Research Scholar. Cancer Research Center. 05/2012- Present

A research scholar and have been able to follow-through with the Erwinia project from my internship in year 2010 and have developed the

project plan with this project in which I used to apply for NIH RO3 grants for our research center. Currently working on examining gene

products that could potentially be responsible for tumor-targeting and Invasion phenotype for prostate tumor cells entitled, “Examination of

Mutant Strains of Salmonella typhimurium over-expressing Potential Cancer Targeting and Invasion Phenotype genes in PC-3M Prostate

Tumors via Invasion Assays,” and working for publication at mBIO Journal for January 2014 issue as a primary author.

Leadership Experience

? Network Panel Manager (NGO/Non-profit/Human Right), Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA (Fall 2010)

? Managed panel discussions with five panel speakers for the New England Woman’s Conference in Fall 2010

? Organized Panel speeches during the conference while inviting guest speakers

? Event Coordinator, Asian Center for Empowerment, Mount Holyoke College (2009-2010)

? Coordinated events for on-campus Asian Center For Empowerment Center

? Promoted diversity for Asian American on-campus for awareness

? President, Unite For Sight Mount Holyoke College Chapter, South Hadley, MA (Fall 2010- Present)

? Served community to support mission statement as an active member and leader of the Chapter

? Raised more than $2000 each year in support for Global Unite For Sight

? Organized fundraising events on-campus and attended Global Innovative Conference at Yale University

? Student Advisor, Office of Residential Life, South Hadley, MA (Spring 2010-Spring 2011)

? Built hall and floor community by coordinating/programming events monthly; trained in academic and counsel advising

? Advised first-year students for academic curriculum and activities on campus

? President, Mount Holyoke Koinoinia Fellowship, South Hadley, MA (2011-2012)

• Developed a new organization with a new mission for developing Christian campus fellowship

• Funding proposals submitted and approved for the organization accounting to more than $3000 in total for annual funds

? Historian, Glee Club, Mount Holyoke College (Fall 2008)

• Created social groups online and worked closely with Adobe photoshop while attending officer meetings

? Responsible in being a photographer for choir events which were used for brochures and awareness posters

? Student Government Senator, Student Government Association, Mount Holyoke College (2009-2010)

? A Representative at on-campus Student Government Association for Korean American Sisters Association (KASA)

? Board member of KASA and attended senate meetings as a voice for KASA student body.

Other Experience

? Student Intern, Ellis Fischel Cancer Center, Columbia, MO (Summer 2010)

? Shadowed Hem/oncology and Oncology Department Doctors; Dr. Felipe Manalo and John Freter

? Volunteered and shadowed 52 hours at the outpatient and inpatient clinic

? English Tutor, Art Center in Noryang Jin Church, Seoul, South Korea (Summer 2008)

? Developed teaching plans for students according to skill level in an Elementary English class of 20 students

? Tutored individual elementary students in grammar, reading and writing

? Woman Bible Study Group Leader, Amherst Koinonia Church, Amherst, MA (2010-2012)

• Led small group bible study once a week throughout the year

• On-campus representative for AKC’s women small group focusing on evangelism and spiritual growth

? Advisor in spiritual growth groups and administrator in campus ministry linked to MHKF

? Global Health Volunteer, Unite For Sight, Accra, Ghana (Summer 2011)

? Raised $1700 and collected 500 pairs of glasses for 100% on-site donation to Eye Clinics in Ghana

? Actively participated in outreaches in rural Ghanaian villages through visual acuity examination and medical dispensing

? Homework House Tutor, Homework House, Holyoke, MA (2011-2012)

• Afternoon homework house tutoring for 3-5th graders for under-represented children who were failing their classes

• A total exposure of 50+ hours in volunteered homework tutoring

? Private Tutor, Private lessons, Columbia, MO (May 2012- Present)

• Private lessons for three students in the age range of 8-16

• Tutoring in violin lessons and ACT preparation

• High school homework help, writing and reading help

• High school AP Biology tutor

? Church Choir, Columbia Korean Baptist Church, Columbia, MO (September 2012- Present)

• Sunday service singing and practicing consisting of more than 5 hours each week

• Christmas and seasonal concert participation and Soprano section leader


Languages: Fluent in Korean; conversational French; conversational Japanese

Computer: MS Word; Excel; PowerPoint; Publisher; Adobe Photoshop; Sony Vegas Moviemaker; SPSS; Audacity mixer

Laboratory: ELISA’s, Western, Northern, Southern, Yeast hybridization, Extraction of DNA, RNA, protein, Protein purification, qPCR, RTPCR,

gel electrophoresis, ponceau and coomasie staining, gel electrophoresis, in vitro cell culture maintenance and use, Fetal bovine heat activation,

trypsinization, ficol, cell counting, WBC collection from murine sample, murine sample dissection, microbiology plating techniques such as isolation,

patching and selection, gene cloning, plasmid purification, sonication, cell transformation, electroporation, etc.
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