Micah Price

Freelance Videographer & Article Writer

Location:cincinnati, Ohio, United States
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My name is Micah price and I am 14 years old. WAIT!!!! Don’t disregard me just because of my age. I assure you my lack of an experience in journalism does not render me incapable of writing a decent article. Currently I am actually working on a book. Just in case you care it’s about a self-abusive teen that is constantly physically and emotionally attacked. If you would like a sample i would be happy to send it to you. I pride myself on my work not only being indisputably amazing. But unlike anything you have read. You will find it hard to juxtapose me to other writers. Here are the things I have done work on.

-poetry, I enjoy writing deep and thought provoking sentences in all my poetry

-fiction, I enjoy telling a story from the point of view of an imaginary person

-nonfiction, I have done several reports on real people

-politics, my expertise is in politics. I probably know more congressmen and women that you do.

-educational, I written and done power points on different cultures. Exploratory etc.

Thank you for taking the time to read that. If you stuck around past the I’m 13 part i hope you got this far.

I would also like to mention i have done some cinematography as well. And know how to work a camera.
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