Craig Adeyanju

Freelance Article Writer & Blog Writer

Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States
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Craig is an experienced business and financial analyst, and a former manager of a business radio studio, where he worked to ensure that the quality of business news and analyses that are aired is maintained at a high level.

Since turning to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the internet about five year ago, he has taken to platforms such as,,,, and many others to provide in-depth business analyses, which helps investors make informed investment decisions. He is experienced at breaking down business models and strategies to educate readers about the strength and weaknesses of businesses.

He is also experienced at teaching entrepreneurs how to set up great businesses by focusing on their business model. His understanding of business and finance means he is able to connect the dots between business decisions and the resulting financial impact. He enjoys working with clients who need businesses to be dissected to judge their investment viability. He also enjoys working with clients who look to engage their audience with content about setting up businesses that thrive.

Craig also enjoys working with clients who look to simplify business and financial news for their audience.

Craig is familiar with the AP Stylebook.

Craig is of the opinion that any business that is set up to solve a problem has the fundamental element for becoming successful.
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