Solace Estar

Freelance Digital Artist & Album Designer

Location:Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
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In the media driven world of the online community, Solace Estar being influenced by the work of Klaus Voormann and Andy Warhol among others, seeks to refine the process and perception of digital art as a viable form and bridge the distance the fine and the popular.

Living in the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma USA,. Since youth he has instinctively and naturally developed process and technique through his his passion for the exploration of beauty.
He was actively involved in the social scene and the cultural movement in the 1990s and seeing progress in the advancement of his work, but without a defined goal, fell short, and began decent into a severe depression. For a decade he continued to produce works. In ever increasing isolation, his decent found it's climax in devastating poverty.

Now, with much support and many encouragements, has regained and advanced in his efforts.
The expression of art in all aspects of life.

Solace Estar currently is producing a series of digital prints exploring the dimensions and sentiment between art and love and distance.
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Digital Art
Album Design