Demetrius Bell

Freelance Audio Editor & Audio Book Producer

Location:Atlanta, Georgia, United States
2 Skills
Demetrius Bell, C.A.E
Treecrest Pkwy, Decatur, GA, 30035

Seeking an audio engineering position in a professional environment where I can utilize my mixing, audio engineering and communication skills.

• Over 6 years of experience in recording, editing and mixing with Pro Tools
• Proficient with the following: recording consoles pro control, control 24, C24 and icon mixing board, Pro Tools, and Reason.
• Proven record of accurate microphone placement and utilization of various recording equipment such as compressors, equalizers and pre-amps.
• Working knowledge of Macintosh operating systems, Microsoft office, FTP and ISDN.
• Skilled in promoting a positive and productive environment in the workplace.
• Strong organizational skills to prioritize strict deadlines while meeting clients’ needs.
• Exceptional problem solving skills with great attention to detail in order to find innovative solutions.
• Works well independently and with a team to develop effective working relationships.

Audio Recording Technology Institute Orlando, Florida
Certificate 12/2009

LRL Pinnacle Music Group, LLC (06/2011-present) Fayetteville, GA
Jaded Records, LLC (05/2012- present) Atlanta, GA

Contracted Engineer
• Creates premiere sound products for company’s clients by utilizing Macintosh operating systems and WAVS 9 bundle to boost or reduce the frequency of the music and/or vocals.
• Maneuvers the C24 mixing board to increase output and apply software plugins to ensure precision and accuracy.
• Displays great attention to detail to gain client satisfaction.
• Establishes creative solutions to dissolve client complaints and concerns.
Hot Beats Studio (03/2013- present) Atlanta, GA
Penthouse Recording Studio (01/2014-present)

Tracking/ Mixing Engineer
• Employs outstanding interpersonal skills to cultivate relationships with vital personnel associated with company projects.
• Utilizes the Avalon compressor to maintain a steady signal from the microphone to avoid peaking or distortion in the vocals.
• Holds an excellent reputation of punctuality and integrity.
• Applies problem solving skills to analyze problems and generate novel solutions.
• Implements time management skills to meet strict deadlines in accordance with the specific needs of each client.