Freelance Book Illustrator & Fantasy Artist

Location:Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
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I am Jonathan Brown. Highly skilled and proficient in all art forms, I am hands down the most creative and driven individual you will ever hire. I have a passion to create and work. Not only have I gone to post-secondary and Beal, I can develop images with strong emotions, meanings and drives behind them what can blow others out of the water. I have over thirteen years of experience in exposure to all art forms, ceramics (sculpture and pottery), wood and metal, print (copper-plate and intaglio), photography, and exceptional skills in drawing including inks. Passionate about my job, my results often win awards, such as 1st places in (Aqua fest) and school awards), it is rare for me to receive seconds. I understand how certain styles articulate driving messages and I’m unafraid to try any style to make a specific outcome. I have a particular loud voice in my work what is extraordinary and you will immediately notice it, as it is compelling. I have been involved in numerous shows in Ontario, such as shows in Stratford, Clinton, Local libraries, etc. Circular vitae available upon request.
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Book Illustration
Fantasy Art