Selena Bailey

Freelance Artist & Illustrator

Location:Orlando, Florida, United States
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I am a college student at UCF. I am hoping and working toward graduating with a BFA in Drawing and Illustration. I have never had a job directly related to the field and what it has to offer, so I am hoping to beef up my experience by getting a few odd jobs whenever they present themselves. I have worked retail however so I have held a job, even travel and school have kept me from working as much as I want and need to. I am hoping that a job that I can work and communicate through my computer will make things easier. I have done a few freelance low paying jobs for friends and family so I am no stranger to getting paid for what is requested of me. I have been taking drawing and painting classes since my freshman year of High School, so 2005. Recently I have been interested in trying to design my own tattoos and have been reading up on that industry to see how I can sell my art that way. I love to get an assignment and just knock it out of the park for the client! Please help this college student get some experience and a make some money. I would love to help out whoever needs a little artistic magic.
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