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Freelance Songwriter & Artist

Location:melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Phone: 045585217
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Hi there! Mikayla's the name writing's the game I'm 22yrs young.
I've written poetry since i learnt to write: now Aussie-hiphop, hiphop based songs plus songs of absolutly every style invented!!
previous jobs from 14yrs old include- Primary school child career, apprentice landscaper, restaurant menu illustration/painting, functions/ waitressing, welding, factory hand & some acting/modelling, i'm self taught on piano, harmonica, drums, and learnt basic DJ-ing on a mates DJX-decks last year, unexpectedly loved DJing. A whole new part of music i'd never given time to or explored.
I've lived in over 11suburbs of beautiful 'Burncity' on the homeless-side of streetlife is where I
grew up from 16 until i turned 21- but I made the absolute best of it: even-though at the best of times it was badder than worse.
I learnt so fast about so much more than any school or blessed everyday life would've taught me over the average well-off Teen, i seen rockbottom wellenough- I've got up countless times and now at a poetry pinnicle..
-Music industry artists ive used as role models and to drive my mix of many styles include th on and only...Eminem/ Marshall Mathers, Tupac, Big L,
Hilltop hoods, Horrorshow, Spit Syndicate,Yelawolf, Fortminor, Amy Winehouse, Johnny Cash, DJ Frankie Wilde, DJ Ace Ventura, BiasB, Bliss n Eso, & Pegz. etc.
My brother/ rapper- cambull also known as "B. rubble" is currently recording got songs on soundcloud & makes aussierapper 'Curser' look n' sound like the wiggles!!

So struggling led me towards mental bliss aswell as constantly craving challenges: so I have chances to earn respect n' reach success.
i'm one of (the oldest) 4 wild personalities yet irreplaceable outback-raised siblings.
I draft a new song at least three times a week.
song/rap Sample:
I pro-penned thoughts ya'll ought to remember, enter Ideas dat center me head dat i then could yes, see me sing-along wit from new years till December-// get mr word-smith out of silence out of mind, notepad lines for start- build on it edit, extra-change drafts- I Cater for the heart in me that races to the beat of my rhythm in parts, given a savour, on hands and foot walk as a waiter, so props takers of pistols punched to paper, pinch yourself my words fix a shift on the verse game players portray- i'll bake haters coz i love them & my ways get no where near strait-shooters style fakers- crooked flavoured- state of favoured affairs - stay missin' lanes for days-way later- may our ways we raise our rights rise on lyrical layers, beat wrongs in songs 4 life...
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